AC Compressor Replacement Tips & Trick

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If you are looking to have your AC compressor replacement soon here are some things to keep in mind. An A/C system has several components: compressor, condenser, receiver dryer, evaporator, and hoses. A compressor acts like a pump, it takes freon and pressurizes it so that it can cool air before passing it along to the evaporator. An AC compressor has many moving parts that can always falter and cause issues in your system. It is not uncommon for parts of the compressor to come apart and disperse metallic debris throughout the system. Parts that go bad are often valves and pistons because there are many of them.

It is also common for the ac compressor to break down. Common warning signs that your ac compressor is breaking down are that it can start leaking freon and also ac oil. If the seals of your ac compressor are no longer solid and taught, you will have to have an ac compressor replacement as the seals cannot be replaced. Be sure to clean your ac system and keep it away from dust or debris. If you have dust and debris in your ac system then you will have to flush the condenser to get rid of the contaminants. If it is not possible to flush those parts you will have to replace those parts.

Here are some tips to check for your AC System:

  • Check the pressure in the AC system
  • Check for power and ground power at the compressor.
  • If your compressor is acting funny remove all of the freon.
  • Remove the compressor, receiver drier, orifice tube, and or expansion valve.
  • Flush all dust and debris from the AC system
  • Install a new receiver tube, compressor, and orifice tube.
  • Evacuate and recharge the ac system
  • Check to make sure everything is operating properly

If you are experiencing a faulty ac system and are in need of an ac compressor replacement the most likely thing is that the seals are leaky and do not have enough lubrication. It is a good practice to turn your ac on periodically so that the seals do not dry up and stay lubricated as needed. If you find that your ac system temperature has changed and is not giving off cold air as much as it used to it is important to hire a professional to take a look. Hoover contractors have dependable ac technicians they can recommend the best plan fitted to your home size, area, and efficiency. Be sure to tell them the type of work you are doing so they can properly match the pro to the job. You can also ask around your neighborhood and get word of mouth reviews from ac technicians. Word of mouth is the best advertising a company can receive because it comes from happy customers that have already hired the company.

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