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You may not realize it, but your water heater is one of the most frequently used appliances in your home. It provides hot water for cooking, cleaning, bathing, washing dishes, doing laundry, and other activities. But when a water heater isn’t working properly, a lack of hot water isn’t the only concern, as your water quality and safety may be on the line. Fortunately, the licensed, trained experts at Hoover can promptly address any water heater repairs needed and get your appliance running again.

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Signs Your Water Heater Needs a Repair

A problem with your water heater is inconvenient. The good thing is water heaters typically show obvious signs of an issue. Here are some common symptoms that justify calling a local water heater repair company:

  • Lack of Hot Water: If the water temperature is inconsistent, lower than it used to be, or not warm at all, your appliance may have a faulty part or is failing. A tripped breaker or power issue could also be a cause.
  • Strange Noises: Loud bangs, pops, crackling, whining, or gurgling sounds often mean the tank is filling with sediment. Water flow issues can cause sizzling noises; in a gas heater, they can indicate a condensation problem. 
  • Leaks: A leaking water heater should immediately be serviced before there’s major damage to the unit and your home. If the source is a bad valve or connection, it can be fixed, but a cracked tank usually means the water heater must be replaced.
  • Rust-Colored Water: Hot water that is yellow, brown, reddish, or otherwise rusty-looking can mean the anode rod has failed. Changing the anode rod or flushing the tank can resolve the problem. These tasks are best done by a professional.
  • Odors: Foul odors can mean bacteria are building up. Bacteria can also create sulfate gas, which smells like rotten eggs. A gas leak can cause a similar smell, so have a technician determine why your water heater has an odor.

An older water heater is more prone to developing these problems. Therefore, watch  for signs of trouble and call a professional when the unit isn’t working properly. And it’s not only old units that can have problems. A newer water heater can have issues, especially if it’s faulty or was improperly installed.

Water Heater Repair Services We Offer

At Hoover, we specialize in repairing traditional and tankless water heaters in Southeast Michigan. Our trained technicians can fix gas or electric units. They have the experience, tools, and equipment to tackle simple and complex repairs, so they can address:

  • Broken Dip Tubes: The dip tubes carry cold municipal water to the bottom of the tank, which heats as it rises. Otherwise, cold water will release at the top and mix with heated water.
  • Faulty Burners: A rusty or dirty burner can prevent a gas-powered water heater from igniting, preventing water from being heated.
  • Damaged Heating Elements: An electric water heater usually has two heating elements; if one burns out, your water supply won’t be warm enough.

Our technicians can fix these and other issues, including faulty pilot lights and leaky pressure relief valves. They use the most advanced tools to quickly diagnose the cause of an issue and fix it.

Benefits of Hiring a Water Heater Repair Professional

Water heaters are complex appliances and require a professional to repair them. Attempting to fix one yourself can be dangerous and risks causing damage that can be expensive to fix. A professional has the knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair a unit quickly, saving time and avoiding fires and other hazards. 

Your water heater will not only work properly again. It can last longer, run more efficiently, and provide more consistent hot water. Meanwhile, repairs by a licensed professional comply with the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty, avoiding coverage issues should you need repairs in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common issue is a water leak. Eventually, any water heater can develop a leak due to corrosion in the tank; it often starts as a tiny crack or hole and worsens over time.

Consider how much the repair is going to cost. Most professionals agree if a repair costs 50% or more of a replacement unit, fixing your existing water heater isn’t worth it.

A licensed plumber has the skills and tools to fix many water heater issues. They can address piping, heating elements, anode rods, gas lines, and water heater wiring problems.

If your water heater is over 15 years old and requires frequent repairs, replacing it can save you money. Consider replacement if water is pooling around the base or water is cold, metallic smelling/tasting, or has a rusty appearance.

The water heater tank (and the water lines and tubing of a tankless unit) should be flushed at least once a year. Your plumber can generally complete the process in under an hour and knows how to safely use the valves to eliminate sediment and mineral buildup.

Contact Hoover for Water Heater Repair

At Hoover, our licensed plumbers have the training and experience to provide high-quality water heater repair. Professional service can help your water heater run more efficiently and last longer; it can also save you money in the long run. Our team can safely diagnose and correct any issues, so the unit is immediately ready to use. Schedule an appointment, request a quote, and learn about our financing options by calling (586) 315-5268 today.

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