Is an Air Conditioner Repair Service Worth It?

A bill for an air conditioner repair service can exceed $2,000, depending on the problem.1 The expense may not be worth it if your AC is 10, 15, or even 20 years old (although most repairs are a few hundred dollars). In some cases, replacing the unit can avoid additional repairs and save you money. 

Your next call to a local HVAC company may require some decision-making. Here are some questions to consider that can make the process easier.

Questions to Consider for AC Repair Services

How Old Is Your Air Conditioner?

A typical air conditioner can be expected to last 10 to 15 years. Some well-maintained units last longer. If it’s the first big repair the unit needs, keeping it going is probably worth it. You wouldn’t want to replace an AC that’s still under warranty and just a few years old. But an old AC with frequent problems can cost you big time, especially if the warranty has expired.

What Does the Repair Cost?

If your unit has extensive damage or a failed compressor, an air conditioner repair service can cost nearly as much as a new system. Such repairs tend to come near the end of an AC unit’s life. Industry professionals use a couple of methods to consider repair vs. replacement:

  • Multiply the repair cost by the unit’s age; if the total is less than $5,000, a repair is worth it.
  • If a repair will cost over half the price of a new system, consider replacing the unit.

Is Your Air Conditioner Working Efficiently?

Every air conditioner declines in efficiency with age. If your monthly utility bills have risen, further repairs may not make sense. Modern units are built to be more energy-efficient. Compare their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) to see the potential to save. The minimum requirements for SEER ratings have gone up; in Michigan, air conditioners must have at least a 14 SEER rating (as of 2023).

Are You Moving Anytime Soon?

If you might move out of your home soon, a repair service might be worth it. Many homeowners choose not to invest in a new system if they plan to move. However, an older, poorly maintained system may reduce the resale value of your home, so an upgrade may be worth considering. Or, if you plan on sticking around for a while, repairs may be worthwhile, but a new unit can come with improved comfort, an extended warranty, and peace of mind.

Is My Unit Still Under Warranty?

Air conditioners don’t always go their entire lifespan without a problem. Moving parts break, and things wear out. An AC unit registered with the manufacturer will have a limited warranty. Extended warranties can also be purchased. If the unit and problem are covered, an ac repair service makes financial sense. You may consider otherwise if the warranty has expired or is no longer valid.

Will an AC Repair Address Every Issue and Concern?

If you’re primarily concerned with your AC just providing cool air, a repair is worth it. However, it may not be practical if:

  • Indoor and outdoor units are mismatched
  • Your home’s comfort level is decreasing
  • The unit appears rusty or worn out
  • You’re eligible for federal tax credits 
  • You have a hunger for the latest tech

Schedule Air Conditioner Repair Service with Hoover

If your AC stops working, blows warm air, leaks, or makes loud noises, call and we’ll evaluate it. We can fix faulty blower motors, clogged condensate drain lines, refrigerant leaks, and other common problems. Our specials and membership plans can make air conditioner repair services worth it. But if it’s time to replace the unit, we install energy-efficient models and offer financing options to help make installation more affordable. To get started, schedule service online or call (586) 701-6127 for a repair estimate.

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