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before and after pipe reline

Resolving Sewer Line Problems for Decades

For over 40 years, Hoover Electric Plumbing Heating Cooling has led the way in sewer line repair and inspections in Southeastern Michigan. We deliver outstanding customer service, innovative techniques, and, most importantly, results. Our team believes in solving complex problems without damaging landscaping or inconveniencing our clients. It is vital to inspect your sewer lines yearly. Because they lie beneath the surface, the average homeowner will have no idea a problem is brewing until the issue causes severe damage to their home. While older houses, those with slow drains, and trees with deep roots are most prone to problems, new homes without these issues can have sewer issues. Other companies can repair sewer lines, but they destroy landscaping. Fortunately, we have mastered investigating sewer lines and fixing them with non-digging methods.

The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs

Why should a homeowner choose Hoover Electric Plumbing Heating Cooling over the competition? It’s simple: We never rip up sod or disrupt landscaping to access a sewer line. Trenchless sewer line inspections and repairs are our specialties, and we’re proud to deliver the benefits to our customers. The advantages include:

The Signs of Sewer Line Damage

Fortunately for homeowners, it isn’t difficult to spot sewer line problems. Broken lines produce blockages, bad smells, and mold. Water and waste drain slower, and pooling water attracts pests, such as mosquitos. Sometimes, a busted sewer line can create unusually lush patches of grass. Foundation damage and septic waste pools are also common symptoms. If you are dealing with these issues, trenchless sewer line repair or replacement could resolve the issue.

All the Services You Need Under One Roof, When You Want It Done Right