Breaker Panel Replacement and Upgrades in Troy and Clinton Township

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Hoover Specializes in Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement

The breaker panel is the nerve center of your home electrical system. If it’s not working properly, is damaged, or doesn’t support enough capacity, your safety will be at risk. You can depend on Hoover, a top-rated electrical service company in Troy and Clinton Township. We can help modernize your home’s electrical system as we’ve done for residential customers throughout Southeast Michigan.

Replacing a breaker panel can reduce and eliminate the risk of an electrical fire. Our team knows how to replace a breaker panel quickly and effectively while ensuring your safety and peace of mind. If you’re unsure of the state of your panel, we can provide a professional electrical inspection and determine whether to repair or replace it.

Breaker Panel Replacement Considerations

Do you need a complete breaker panel replacement, to replace a circuit breaker in the main panel, or simply a circuit breaker panel cover replacement? The experienced electricians at Hoover can help determine your service needs. We can also consider factors such as:

  • Breaker panel size requirements
  • The number of circuits your home needs
  • The types of breakers needed
  • Whether there’s adequate surge protection
  • Type and length of the warranty
  • Your budget, and the cost to replace a breaker panel

Reasons to Update Your Electrical System

Plugging in more devices than your electrical system can handle is risky. If turning on multiple appliances and electronics causes a breaker to trip every time or lights dim or flicker when you turn on large appliances, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Circuit breaker panel replacement is a must if you see sparks when plugging things in, see scorch marks on outlets, or get shocked when you touch an appliance. If there’s a burning smell or the panel feels warm, it’s working overtime and too much current is flowing through it; or, there may already be irreparable damage.

Other signs it’s time for breaker panel replacement include:

  • Frequent electrical repairs and replacements
  • You’re using power strips all over your house
  • Power surges are becoming more common
  • Hissing or other noises from the breaker panel
  • Increased power demand from new appliances and electronics

Hoover Provides All the Services You Need

Our team is committed to ensuring replacing a breaker panel goes smoothly and is stress-free. We’ll schedule an appointment at a convenient time for you, as we accommodate our customers throughout Southeast Michigan. Feel free to ask us any questions you have. We can discuss your electrical equipment options and estimate the cost of replacing a circuit breaker panel in your home. Our financing options allow you to invest in a repair or replacement and pay us over time, ensuring you get the service you need, when you need it.

Call Hoover for Service Done Right

To schedule breaker panel replacement in Troy or Clinton Township, request a free estimate, or learn more about our specials and financing options, contact us online or call (586) 315-5268.

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Buy Today, Pay Over Time

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