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An air conditioner is an investment that should meet your cooling needs for many years. But ACs have many working parts that wear out. Various issues can develop, but calling for AC repair can prevent more serious problems and breakdowns in summer. 

Hoover Heating & Cooling specializes in all types of AC repair in Troy, MI, and can reach your home quickly in an emergency. Our licensed technicians are trained in the latest equipment, tools, and techniques. No matter the size or scope of the problem, they will restore your air conditioner’s cooling performance and efficiency.

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Signs You Need AC Repair

Call for AC repair near you in Troy if you have the following problems:

  • Less cool air
  • Warm air blows from vents
  • Weaker airflow
  • Strange noises
  • Foul odors
  • A water or refrigerant leak
  • More frequent cycling
  • Higher energy bills

At Hoover, we can address all these symptoms by finding the root cause of the problem. Once we troubleshoot and diagnose the system, we can replace dirty air filters and repair frozen evaporator coils, refrigerant leaks, and faulty thermostats. Broken fan motors are quickly replaced to restore your AC’s original performance. 

Our AC Repair Process

To be a reputable AC repair services company, we use a proven process to ensure our clients receive the care they need. Our technicians arrive on time to diagnose the AC problem. After a thorough evaluation, they’ll discuss all repair options and provide cost estimates to help you make an informed decision. 

Your approval is required before we repair or replace any damaged components. Every repair job is carefully executed as our technicians apply their skills, knowledge, and training. They will test your AC once the repair is complete and perform a final review to ensure the job is successful.

We are committed to ensuring you benefit from professional home AC repair. Never delay repair service, no matter how small the problem may seem. The benefits you can see include:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency: An AC in good repair won’t have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature, so your energy bill may be less. 
  • Enhanced Cooling Performance: You’ll get cool air when you expect it instead of warm air, inconsistent temperatures, or variations from room to room.
  • Improved Air Quality: Replacing the air filter and cleaning the system reduces the amount of dust, debris, and particulates in the air. A well-maintained AC provides better humidity control as well.
  • Extended AC Lifespan: The longer you wait for AC repair, the worse the situation can get. If the compressor and other large components are strained, the system can fail prematurely and require replacement.

Why Choose Hoover Heating & Cooling for AC Repair

At Hoover, we employ the most qualified HVAC professionals. Our team is trained and licensed to provide high-quality AC repair in Michigan. They use only the highest quality products and materials available. There are never any shortcuts. Our technicians are committed to permanently resolving the issue and ensuring your AC is safe, reliable, and efficient.

Our exceptional customer service puts us at the top of the list for AC repair in Troy, MI. We provide a wide range of services under one roof and ensure the job is done right the first time. Clients often become repeat customers thanks to our quality of service, technological expertise, and courteous professionals. Competitive pricing means you get exceptional service at an unbeatable value.

Call Hoover Heating & Cooling Today

Hoover is a leading HVAC company in Troy, MI. Our team can troubleshoot, diagnose and fix any problem. Customers can expect prompt service and permanent solutions that minimize the likelihood of future AC repairs. To learn more about our AC repair process, specials, and membership plan and schedule AC repair near you, call (586) 500-5264 today.

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Is It Worth It to Fix an AC?

If your AC is relatively new, a repair can add years to its lifespan and delay replacement. The system will run more efficiently, saving on your energy bills, and major repairs are often avoided. Consider replacing it if multiplying the unit’s age by the repair cost exceeds $5,000.

What Are the Most Common AC Repairs?

A bad capacitor, low refrigerant, a clogged condensate drain line, a faulty blower motor, or a damaged compressor or condenser fan motor are the most common problems AC technicians encounter.

How Long Should My AC Last?

Every unit is different and longevity depends on factors such as maintenance, operating environment, and usage. An AC that’s well-cared for can last 15 to 20 years.

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