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A water heater must be professionally installed to function properly. At Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, our plumbing technicians are experienced with the newest models of high-efficiency water heaters. Hot water is something many people in Troy, MI, take for granted. But it must come from a hard-working appliance. If your water heater is on its last leg or improperly installed, cooking, bathing, cleaning, doing laundry, and simply washing your hands becomes impossible or ineffective. 

Hoover ensures your new water heater will function when you need it. Our installers have the expertise to ensure it’s the right size for your household and will run as efficiently as possible. They are familiar with different types of water heaters, including tankless models, and comply with all safety and plumbing codes during installation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Water heater installation pricing varies depending on the cost of the unit, its size, efficiency rating, and other factors. Removing the old unit and making any in-home upgrades (i.e., to gas or electrical lines) adds to the total cost. Also, consider the cost of labor, local permits, and inspections.

Your budget is one consideration. Tankless water heaters are more expensive to install than standard models but can save on your monthly utility bills. You can also choose a water heater based on how much space is available, the number of people in your household, or the overall size of your home.

This depends on its age and the problem. If your water heater is running out of hot water more quickly, the issue can sometimes be fixed by flushing sediment from the tank or replacing the dip tube. Resetting the thermostat can also help.

Once you turn on the hot water tap, it should only take a few seconds. However, the farther a faucet is from the water heater, the longer it will take. Flow rate, pipe diameter, and the size of your home can also affect wait times.

A well-maintained water heater can last 15 years or longer. To improve its lifespan, schedule professional maintenance once a year. Regular tank flushes protect the unit. Installing a water treatment system can too; it reduces sediment build-up and rust in the water heater and your plumbing fixtures.

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Hoover is an experienced water heater installation and replacement company with licensed technicians and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer competitive pricing and the latest, high-efficiency equipment. Whether you’ve just built a new home or it’s time to replace your old water heater, let us explain your options and assess your hot water needs. We’ll assist in making a decision and provide a personalized quote. To schedule an appointment or water heater replacement in Troy, MI, call (586) 315-5268.

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