Standby Generator Installation and Repair

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All of Your Backup Power Needs Under One Roof

Hoover is the company you can count on to provide top-quality generator installation and repair. Generators used to be primarily purchased by commercial clients. More recently, however, homeowners have begun to install backup generators for emergency use. This is an incredibly wise investment that will raise the value of your property and help you be prepared if disaster strikes. Hoover has provided electrical services including professional generator repair and installation all throughout Southeast Michigan for more than 33 years. You can trust that all our technicians are extensively trained, insured, and vetted in all aspects of generator installation and repair. Call the company that Troy and Clinton Township trusts with their generator repair and installation services, Hoover can help!

Benefits of a Standby Generator

It is always right after a power outage that people consider the large range of advantages that a standby generator has. We always recommend having a backup generator because you never know when an outage can strike! Our generator specialists can assess your power needs and help you determine the right generator for your power needs. All backup generators we carry are backed with a guaranteed written warranty for parts and labor. Hoover can take care of the entire process from generator installation to generator repair. Don’t wait for your next outage to happen! Always best to be safe than sorry, so call Hoover for a free estimate on quality generator installation.

Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy with a standby generator:

Continued Power

With a standby generator, the failure of your power will cause your generator to automatically turn on, and it will automatically shut off when power returns. Continuous power allows your family to remain safe and comfortable.

Varied Capacity Generators

Available from 7 kW to 150 kW, we can offer natural and propane gas generators, as well as both air-cooled and liquid-cooled. You can get the kind of power you want in an amount that is right for your needs.

Protect Your Essentials

Whether it is a freezer full of new groceries or medical equipment that must be kept cool, the ability to maintain power to your most essential items is a necessity.

Buy Today, Pay Over Time

Buy Today, Pay Over Time

You don’t always have the choice to save up for a repair or replacement. Our financing options can help you get the services you need when you need them, subject to approved credit.