Hoover Electric Plumbing Heating Cooling

AC Compressor Replacement Tips & Tricks Located in the outdoor condenser unit, the AC compressor is a crucial part of your HVAC system. Without it and its cooling power, you’d

Hoover Electric Plumbing Heating Cooling

Known for its humid summers and freezing winters, Michigan weather will put any HVAC system to the test, year after year. When your HVAC system acts up and your thermostat

Sewer Line Blockages Trenchless Methods

If you have sewer line blockage issues in your home, you need to address them immediately. A backed-up sewer can cause expensive structural problems and release foul-smelling, unhealthy odors into

High SEER AC Worth the Investment

HVAC units are rated based on their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is also called a SEER rating. While upgrading your current, older air conditioner model may feel like a

Dirty AC Coils: Are They Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality?

Your AC system relies on coil components to run smoothly and efficiently in your Michigan home. When your outside AC unit has dirty coils, it can cause chain reactions throughout

Musty Smell from AC Vents

A strange or musty smell coming out of your air conditioner isn’t something you should ignore. This smell may be due to mold inside the AC. Professional AC mold removal

water heater leaking

Finding a water heater leaking means you have a serious problem, but it can be prevented. The appliance can hold a lot of water to meet your hot water needs.

ac not cooling properly

If your AC is not cooling properly, it may be incorrectly sized for your home. You may experience issues such as uneven cooling or rooms not getting cool enough. An

Do I Need a 120 V or 240 V Outlet?

Do you know the difference between 120-volt (V) and 240V outlets? Even if you’re not familiar with the terminology, you’ve probably seen the difference in the outlets themselves. The standard