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Answering Your Sewer & Drain Questions

As an expert in sewer line repair, our team at Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling receives many questions about our services. We offer sewer line replacement, sewer line cleanouts, and more for home and business owners in Clinton Township, and Troy area. Many homeowners don’t think much about their home’s sewer line until something goes wrong. Our team is here to address the questions we often receive about sewer pipes, clogged sewer lines, and more. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions we didn’t answer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewers

We receive a lot of questions related to our sewer line cleaning services, sewer line inspections, sewer line insurance, and more. Read on to learn more about our sewer and drain services:

How long do sewer lines last?

The length of time a sewer line will last depends on multiple factors, including the material used for the piping, the sewer line’s proximity to trees, and more. If your home’s sewer line is at least 40 years old, it likely needs to be replaced. If your home is less than 40 years old, it’s a good idea to have regular video sewer line inspections to check the health of your sewer lines.

Who is responsible for fixing a damaged sewer line?

Homeowners are usually responsible for the maintenance of their sewer lines that run from their homes to the sewer main.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover sewer line damage?

Many homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover needed repairs to sewer lines caused by routine wear and tear. Check your policy before problems occur to find out if you are covered for sewer line replacement or repair. Some insurance companies add sewer and drain endorsement to policies to cover losses related to sewer line backups that cover damage to a home.

What can cause sewer line damage?

The most common issue with older homes built at least 40 years ago is damage caused by tree roots that invade the joints of sewer pipes. Other causes of sewer line damage include inevitable deterioration over the course of time, accidental damage due to digging near the pipe, and acts of nature.

What are the options for sewer line damage?

If your sewer line is damaged, you have options. In the past, the only solution was to dig a trench to access the damaged pipe section. Now we offer trenchless sewer line repair services and can repair damaged sewer lines from the inside of the piping.

What are some signs I need a sewer line replacement?

There are a variety of plumbing problems your home or business might experience, but only some of them mean you likely need your sewer line replaced. Just one sink that’s slow or a toilet that gets clogged does not necessarily mean you need a sewer line replacement. Signs you might need your sewer line replaced include every drain in your home or business being slow or frequent wastewater backups.

What are the differences between traditional and trenchless pipe replacements?

Traditional sewer pipe replacement is a process that involves digging a trench along the length of the sewer line. In some cases, driveways, sidewalks, and other structures need to be excavated. After the trench is dug, the old sewer line is removed, and the new sewer line is placed into the trench. The plumbing company will fill in the trench, but the home or business owner is responsible for the replacement of sidewalks, driveways, etc. Trenchless pipe replacements are much less invasive and involve minimal digging and excavation, saving you from expensive new landscaping or hardscaping.

Trust Our Sewage Repair Experts

Now that you know more about sewer line repair and replacement services, it’s time to choose the best plumbing company in the area. The team at Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is Clinton Township’s trusted source for AC repair, plumbing, and more. We offer all the services you need under one roof when you want it done right. Contact us today to get your free estimate.