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Hoover Puts Homeowners’ Minds at Ease with System Checks

For many, the investment in a furnace or heating system is one of the most significant ones you’ll make for your household or business. We all probably see the value of auto maintenance to preserve our vehicles for as long as we can, but we should also have a basic understanding of why routine furnace and heating system maintenance is equally essential. Whether you have an oil, gas, or electric heating system, you put yourself more at risk for fire and safety hazards by not maintaining your system’s components. Founded in 1980, Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is here to put your mind at ease with reliable furnace and heating maintenance services throughout Southeast Michigan.

Furnace Repair

How Heating Maintenance Helps Keep Your Energy Costs Low

Nobody can afford to be without heat in the middle of a frigid Michigan winter with average temps as low as 19 degrees and snow consistently in the forecast. However, you’re less likely to experience a complete furnace breakdown when you let our experts inspect your heater at least twice a year for signs of wear-and-tear or distress. Heating maintenance from Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling helps prolong the projected lifespan of your heating system and enables you to keep your repair costs as low as possible. The other major benefit of heating system maintenance is ensuring your system remains in optimal condition for improved energy-efficiency to keep your energy bills as low as possible. Modern technology has created heating systems that convert almost 90% of their energy to generate less overall wasted energy and more efficient fuel consumption.

What’s Included in a Furnace Tune-Up from Hoover Electric?

For 40 years, our HVAC company has focused on keeping Southeast Michigan residents cozy year-round with HVAC maintenance on their heating and cooling systems. Our technicians have worked on all makes and models of heating systems, including forced air systems and mini-split heat pumps, as well as electric and radiant heat systems. Included in a typical heater or furnace tune-up are checking the safety of fuel input, testing for carbon monoxide, cleaning and lubricating the system’s blower, and checking the connections between your furnace and ducts to ensure seals are in place to prevent heat from escaping your unit. The actual checklist for furnace tune-ups will vary by make and model. We also offer duct cleaning services to remove dirt, dust, and allergens from your ductwork, so your family benefits from better indoor air quality. We use state-of-the-art equipment from Rotobrush® to guarantee your satisfaction with immediate improvements!

furnace filter

Signs You Could Benefit from a Furnace Replacement & Soon!

Nobody enjoys having to purchase a new furnace or heating system, but it’s an inevitability the longer you live in your home or occupy your commercial space. Here are the telltale signs you need a furnace replacement, and pronto:

  • Your furnace is over 15 years old
  • Inconsistent room temperatures
  • Humidity issues in specific parts of the house
  • Rising energy bills over time
  • Frequent furnace repairs
  • Weak or inconsistent airflow
  • A furnace that rattles, hums, or buzzes
  • Constant cycling on and off (could also need a thermostat repair)
  • Excess dust in your space when the system’s running
  • Visible signs of rust or cracks from wear-and-tear

Contact Hoover Electric for Heater Maintenance

Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling provides residential and commercial furnace and heater maintenance in Clinton Township, Michigan and surrounding communities. If you’ve forgotten about heating maintenance, don’t fret. Call us to schedule service at your convenience, and we’ll get to work on maintaining your heater for you right away. Be sure to ask about specials on new heater installations or financing options to make purchasing a new furnace more affordable for your household budget. Don’t forget; we also provide electrical and plumbing services too for all your home comfort needs!

All the Services You Need Under One Roof, When You Want It Done Right