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Call Hoover for Emergency HVAC Services in Southeast Michigan

Whether you need emergency AC repair or emergency heating repair, Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is available 24/7 to help. Knowledge of every make and model, and a fully stocked fleet of service trucks, enables us to quickly resolve any issue. Whether your HVAC system breaks down during a summer heat wave or winter cold snap, you can depend on our team to keep you comfortable.

Our 24-hour emergency HVAC technicians will restore your comfort whether it requires a simple fix, major repair, or complete replacement of your air conditioner or furnace. You can trust our crews because they are fully trained, licensed, and certified. We’re trusted for electrical and plumbing repair, installation, and maintenance as well, meaning we do what it takes to ensure your home is in good shape.

We’ll Help You Save on Emergency HVAC Services

We realize how costly HVAC repair can be. Air conditioner and furnace breakdowns are unpredictable. You never know when the cold air may stop flowing or you may need emergency heating repair. It’s nearly impossible to prepare for the inevitable expense of HVAC repair or replacement.

Fortunately, Hoover provides free estimates on any service. Our prices are lower than our competitors when it comes to HVAC emergencies. Check often for special discounts to help ease financial stress. If you need a major repair or to replace your system, we offer financing options; if you qualify, you can pay for the cost of service over time.

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Protect Your HVAC System with Professional Maintenance

If there’s an issue with your heating and cooling system, don’t hesitate to call Hoover. We’re equipped to handle any problem. We also recommend routine maintenance, preferably before the heating and cooling seasons when your system is used the most. Here are some examples of what we do to help reduce the risk you’ll need emergency AC repair or emergency heating repair:

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Thermostat Calibration

A thermostat looks simple, but it has full control over your heating and cooling system. Therefore, it’s important to check on its health and whether it was properly installed. Battery and wiring issues can be problematic. But our team will fully check, test, and calibrate the thermostat to ensure it is working.

Filter Cleaning/Replacement

The air filter prevents dirt, dust, and other contaminants from entering ductwork, AC components, and indoor air. It should be changed every three months. When we perform a maintenance check, we’ll look at whether you should clean or change the filter more often depending on usage, system size, and indoor air quality.

Lubricating Moving Parts

HVAC systems have many moving parts, no matter what type of unit or brand you have. Our team will examine all and lubricate them to prevent friction that can accelerate wear and tear. Failing to lubricate the system can lead to major repairs and premature replacements. Our fleet is equipped with all materials, parts, and tools to properly maintain your system.

HVAC Inspection

At Hoover, we provide our technicians with a full checklist of items to cover during an inspection. From checking refrigerant levels to testing airflow to looking for rust, leaks, or damage, they can find any issues to fix on the spot. This can avoid needing emergency HVAC services. They can even estimate how long you have left before the system will need to be replaced.

Contact Hoover for Emergency HVAC Repair

Our team is always here to help when your AC or furnace starts to act up. We can reduce the risk of future repairs and help your HVAC system last longer, as well as ensure your family is safe and comfortable. Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. No matter when your heater or air conditioner breaks down, we’ll send our technicians out to perform emergency AC repairs or emergency heating repairs. 

Our mission is to help you endure Michigan’s highs and lows throughout the year with comfortable, consistent temperatures at home. Call (586) 315-5268 to schedule service!

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