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Financing: Live Comfortably within Your Means

Unexpected electrical or plumbing repairs and purchases are seldom items in the average household budget, and they can grow pricey. Financing can help homeowners get the maintenance their houses need, and Hoover Electric Plumbing Heating Cooling offers several options to our customers. Our team believes every family deserves a heated and cooled home and plumbing that works. To make it happen, we work with three institutions to provide more manageable payment plans to families throughout Southeastern Michigan. Michigan Saves, and Wells Fargo are all excellent options with competitive interest rates.

Our Excellent Financing Options

All two of our finance options deliver excellent benefits to those who take advantage of them. Their flexible financing options, competitive interest rates, and convenient monthly payments are wise solutions for homeowners. Whether an air conditioner falters in the middle of a heatwave or a home needs hydro jetting services, a payment plan can make a huge difference. Ask us about the following:

Michigan Saves

Michigan Saves

Some of our customers prefer not to borrow from financial institutions. Michigan Saves is a non-profit organization focused on reducing energy waste. They help homeowners afford new air conditions and furnaces, which are always more efficient than older models.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

Sometimes, it makes sense to finance a new purchase or expensive repair through a new credit that homeowners can use elsewhere. Wells Fargo’s credit card offers a revolving line of credit, competitive interest rates, and more, subject to approved credit.

Serving Southeast Michigan for Over 40 Years

Hoover Electric Plumbing Heating Cooling is proud to offer a vast collection of services to our customers. Our financing options are crucial components in our ability to help our customers find practical solutions to plumbing and electrical problems. Through one of our three alternatives, homeowners can replace generators and furnaces, repair air conditioners and heat pumps, purchase sump pumps and water heaters, and more. We’ve served Southeast Michigan for over 40 years. Our track record for providing accessible electrical and plumbing services speaks for itself.

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