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Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling delivers unparalleled customer service and unmatched products. Whole-house dehumidifiers are one of our specialties. Most of the time, high humidity exists in the basement, crawl space, or attic. But from time to time, the excess moisture that creates humidity infiltrates the rest of the home. The byproducts of excessive humidity range from the increased presence of moisture-loving pests to mold and mildew growth. At the very least, a humid house is a hot and sticky one, which can lead to disturbed sleep and uncomfortable living conditions. Whole-house dehumidifiers resolve these issues in different ways. Some models attach directly to your HVAC system and work in concert with the system. Others are separate components. We can advise on which kind of dehumidifier will work best in your house.

When to Take the Plunge and Order a Dehumidifier

There are so many working parts inside a house that homeowners can have a hard time determining what’s causing a problem and how to address it. Our free estimates can help with that. But if you’re a do-it-yourselfer who enjoys figuring things out for yourself, there are some indications to look for when deciding whether to purchase a whole-house dehumidifier. Pay attention to the following signs of excessive humidity and reach out to our specialists when you notice them:

Microbial Growth

Mold and mildew not only require humid conditions; they thrive in them. If they’re growing in your basement, attic, or the corners of the rest of your home, a whole-home dehumidifier might resolve the issue. Keep in mind that water damage also causes these conditions.

Allergy Symptoms

If someone in your home suffers from seasonal allergies, pay attention to their symptoms. In an ideal situation, they shouldn’t experience severe allergies inside the house, but humidity can exacerbate the situation. Investing in a whole-house dehumidifier can help.

Microbial Growth

Look at your windows, floors, drywall, or foundation. Is the wood beginning to rot? If so, you have more significant problems than humidity. Rot can diminish the strength of your foundation and cause expensive and even irreversible damage. However, a dehumidifier can begin to turn things around.

Condensation on Windows

If your household conditions are humid enough, you might notice condensation on your windows. Consider this symptom a telltale sign that it might be time to look into purchasing and installing a whole-house dehumidifier.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Whole-House Dehumidifier

So, why should you contact Hoover to buy a new whole-house dehumidifier? You should make creating a more comfortable living environment a priority. After all, the health and comfort of your family members are paramount. These machines provide extensive benefits to homeowners who notice the above signs of excessive humidity, which can include:


Stuffiness and heavy-feeling air make it difficult to sleep comfortably. Are you tired of waking up with the sheets and blankets pushed to the floor? Do you want to enjoy a movie in comfort? Invest in a whole-house dehumidifier. Doing so can result in restful sleep, more relaxing leisure time, and more.


As noted above, humidity is horrible for those who suffer from allergies. Dehumidifiers don’t merely remove moisture from the air. They also create better indoor air quality, which enhances the health of those who live in the home. Discover the benefits of expertly-filtered air.


Excessive humidity threatens more than your comfort; it is the enemy of your house’s foundation, windows, and door frames. It can cause damage to wood structures and ruin hardwood floors. But a dehumidifier combats humidity and protects your investment. You’ll save time and money in the long run.


Air conditioners have a similar job as a dehumidifier, but they aren’t interchangeable. Air conditioners process air and filter dust, allergens, and pet dander from the equation. Since humidity amplifies those irritants, an air conditioner without a dehumidifier has to work harder to function. You can save money on energy bills by making it easier on your AC.

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What if you have the opposite problem? Too little humidity is just as bad as too much. Dry conditions have many of the same effects on health and comfort as moisture does. For that, we sell and install whole-house humidifiers, which add the appropriate levels of moisture to your home through your air conditioner’s ductwork. Additionally, Hoover offers duct cleaning, which is a must-have service for ensuring the air inside your home is optimal. Combining the installation of a whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier with a comprehensive duct cleaning is an impactful one-two punch. Contact us today to get started on the path to better living.

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