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Improved Indoor Air Quality with Whole-Home Humidifiers

At Hoover, we strive to create comfortable homes for our clients. There are many ways state-of-the-art technology can enhance your house and the lives of those who live in it. Whole-house humidifiers can help Clinton Township residents fight back against dry air. Do you wake up in the morning with a sore throat? You could have dry air to blame. What about constant allergy symptoms? Moistening the air around you can make it easier to breathe. The possibilities are endless.

How Does a Whole-House Humidifier Work?

Manufacturers currently produce three types of whole-house humidifiers. Each kind has advantages and disadvantages, but all of them produce noticeable results. Which one you choose depends on various household-specific factors, which is what makes our free estimate such an invaluable tool. During the appointment, we’ll examine your home, ask questions, and eventually make a recommendation on one of the following:

Steam Humidifiers

Steam humidifiers depend on your home’s water and electric supply to produce results. The machinery heats water until it evaporates into steam. From there, the humidifier injects the steam into the ductwork. Since the ductwork distributes air conditioned and heated air, it can also move humidified indoor air around the house.

Drum Humidifiers

Much like steam humidifiers, your water and electrical supply play critical roles in a drum humidifier’s operations. Unlike steam humidifiers, these machines have a few more moving parts. Essentially, they use centrifugal force to produce steam. First, water fills a tray. Once filled, a drum partially rotates inside of the tray. As it turns, the water passes through a sponge and enters the center of the drum as vapor. Then, the furnace’s hot air heats and distributes the vapor.

Flow-Through or Moisture Pad Humidifiers

While this type of whole-house humidifier connects to your water supply, it doesn’t require electricity to function. It has no moving parts either. Instead, the water supply moistens an evaporator pad. Then, the furnace’s hot air flows over the pad, which produces the steam necessary to create humidified air. Then, the ductwork carries its handiwork throughout the house.

What Are the Benefits of an Entire-House Humidifier?

Dry air can cause immense discomfort throughout your house, especially among those who are susceptible to allergies and asthma attacks. Keeping your home full of comfortable, vapor-filled indoor air is an excellent way to improve the lives of your family members. The health and comfort advantages of installing a whole-home humidifier include:

Benefits of an Entire-House Humidifier

Ease of Use

Nobody wants to purchase a complicated piece of machinery that requires tedious and regular maintenance work. Today’s whole-house humidifiers are designed to operate independently of the owner. You won’t need to arm yourself with a wrench to perform any routine changes or swaps, which saves you from headaches and wasted time.

Less Furnace Wear-and-Tear

It should go without saying, but the act of heating water until it evaporates creates hot vapors. Therefore, the humidified air that circulates throughout your home will be warm. Use it to your advantage during the winter months by keeping the furnace lower than you usually do.

Furniture Preservation

Dry air can ruin some furniture items, especially those with extensive wood construction. If your home contains hardwood floors or antique furniture, it might not be a bad idea to explore the possibilities posed by a humidifier. Protecting these items is as important to household comfort as the health issues are!

Fewer Respiratory Issues

Dry air can make cold and flu season worse. However, a dehumidifier can nip some of those problems in the bud by creating conditions that keep individuals healthier. While installing a whole-house humidifier isn’t a substitute for a doctor or preventative health, removing even one potential cause of illness can ease a burden on families.

Fewer Static Electricity Bursts

Do you get a shock of static electricity as you touch things around your home? That’s not supposed to happen. One potential cause is arid air, which can act as a conductor of sorts. Installing a humidifier lessens the shocks by pumping more humid air throughout the house.

They Won’t Spread Germs

Manufacturers design whole-house humidifiers to produce the vapors required to humidify a home without spreading germs. In the past, investing in a whole-house humidifier meant worrying about harmful agents. Not anymore. The processes our whole-house humidifiers use to do their jobs do not result in the creation or spread of bacteria or fungi.

Electrical Equipment Longevity

Computers, TVs, and cellular devices shouldn’t exist in dry conditions. Fans of retro record player equipment, such as receivers and turntables, have a vested interest in keeping their equipment safe. You’ve spent a considerable amount of money on your entertainment items. Hence, you want to do what you can to preserve them. You can do so by investing in a whole-house humidifier and saying “no” to dry air.

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Hoover wants you to experience a higher standard of living inside your home. That means offering the whole-house equipment you require. In addition to whole-house humidifiers, we also provide whole-house dehumidifiers, which proactively attack overly-humid conditions inside houses throughout Clinton Township, MI. Our indoor air quality services are second-to-none, and we combine them with additional services in electrical, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning fields. Our goal is to help our customers with everything they need. Whether you want to schedule a consultation to explore installing a new air conditioner or you need urgent, emergency repairs, we can help. Contact us today to get started.

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