What to Expect with a Professional Air Conditioning Replacement Service

At some point, any air conditioner owner will be advised to replace the system, whether during a routine tune-up or when the unit breaks down. You’ve hopefully timed your AC maintenance or replacement in the spring before a hot Southeast Michigan summer. Perhaps the unit has lasted 12 or even 15 years. Or, maybe it was installed before you moved into your home. How to proceed may be unclear. To help the process go smoother, here’s a look at what to expect with an air conditioning replacement service near Troy, MI.

We’ll assume you’ve met with an HVAC technician who inspected your system and recommended replacement. It’s best to replace the entire system (compressor, air handler, ductwork, etc.) to avoid mismatching and maximize efficiency. You can also save money on bills and repairs. However, you must get through the AC replacement process.

AC Replacement Process

Help Determine the Right Type/Size of Air Conditioner

Some homeowners prefer a traditional central HVAC system. Others are better served by a ductless mini-split system or heat pump. A contractor can explain the benefits of each. They will also help explore energy-saving options, including higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) models. 

Calculating system size is another important step. An HVAC system’s size is calculated in tons. A 1.5-ton system will cool a 600 to 1,100 sq. ft. space, a 3-ton system will cool a 1,501 to 2,100 sq. ft. space, and a 5-ton system will cool a 2,401 to 3,300 sq. ft. space. Too small or too large an AC won’t run efficiently. It will increase your utility bills, reduce your comfort, and require more repairs over time. To avoid these issues, the technician will consider your home’s size, climate, and other factors before providing a written estimate.

Set Up Your Home for HVAC Installation

To make things easier for the installers, move any valuables and furniture out of the way. Move pets to a secure location and make sure children can’t access work areas. When the installer arrives, they will lay down drop cloths or paper to protect floors and other surfaces. They may move additional furniture and cover it with plastic to protect it from dust.

The Old Unit Is Disconnected and Removed

An air conditioning replacement service begins by turning off the power to your existing unit and safely draining the refrigerant (requires an EPA-certified professional). The outside condenser unit is often removed before the air handler. Removing old AC equipment requires a licensed professional, while specialized tools are needed to disassemble the system. 

Once old components are safely removed and disposed of, ductwork repair, modification, or replacement may be required. Major overhauls require accessing attics and crawlspaces. Preparing your ductwork often occurs as the lead installer starts assembling the new system. 

Most HVAC replacement jobs take a full day, but additional steps such as ductwork modifications or upgrading wiring and circuit breakers (may require a licensed electrician) can extend the project’s timeline.

The New System Is Installed

The installation crew will install the outdoor compressor/condenser unit, inside the air handler or evaporator, refrigerant supply lines, condensate drain lines, and other components. They will also connect and set up the thermostat. Refrigerant lines are brazed to equipment to create a secure, leakproof fit. All electrical and drain connections are attached. 

During the process, the contractor will also anticipate unforeseen circumstances. These can include performing electrical upgrades, replacing rotten wall studs, or completing drywall repairs. There may be costs not included in the original estimate.

Your New System Is Tested

Pressure and vacuum tests are performed before the new system is charged with refrigerant. A final inspection is done, refrigerant is added, and all components are retested. The installer will try out all the controls to ensure the system is working properly and according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Finally, the technician will walk you through how to operate your new air conditioning system.

Call Hoover to Schedule AC Replacement Service

Hoover is a leading air conditioning replacement, repair, and maintenance company in Southeast Michigan. If you live in or around Troy, MI, you can expect prompt, friendly, and high-quality service. Our certified technicians adhere to all city codes and safety standards. They will also help you pick from top brands and high-efficiency equipment. To start your project and receive a free estimate, contact us online or call (586) 701-6127 today.

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