When Homeowners Need Emergency Electrical Service

electrician fixing wiring

Do you know when your common electrical problem needs a closer look or even emergency electrical service? At Hoover Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling in Clinton Township, Michigan, we help homeowners like you with regular and emergency electrical service.

Stay safe with the help of our trained electricians to determine the severity of your electrical problem. Trust our judgment when you’re unsure. After all, electricity is nothing to fool around with! Let’s review common electrical problems and what to do to stay safe.

Emergency Electrical Service for Common Problems

We all face electrical issues every now and again. Not all of them need emergency care, but some do. Know which problems need attention right when they happen. Common problems such as these require emergency electrical service.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

A tripped circuit breaker leads to power loss in parts of your home. This occurs when too much electricity travels through your breaker. Check your breaker box if you know how, but if you struggle with how the breaker box works, call an electrician immediately.

Better safe than sorry when it comes to your circuit breaker! Furthermore, some issues with circuits need an electrician to catch them before they cause problems. Your circuit breaker could be trying to alert you to a bigger problem.

Older homes might also have a breaker panel made by the Federal Pacific Electric company. If you or an elderly relative have one of these with Stab-Lok circuit breakers, it’s best to replace it. They were never officially recalled despite their risk for malfunction and fire.

Unexplained Blackouts

Power outages happen all over the world. Sometimes, these outages are easily unexplained. Homeowners know when a power outage is out of their control, such as a broken power line or a heavy storm. When the root of the issue seems invisible, it’s time to call for emergency electrical service.

Flickering Lights

Just changed your lightbulb but your light keeps flickering? If it’s screwed in and secure, larger electrical issues are likely at play. Call an emergency electrical service like Hoover if you notice this problem.

Though it seems like a minor annoyance, worst case, flickers indicate voltage fluctuation. Keep your family protected from dangerous surges with emergency service from a licensed electrician.

Smoke or Sparks

Lastly, smoke and sparks anywhere in your electrical system require emergency electrical service! Smoke and sparks both indicate potential fire hazards. An electrician must survey the problem in order to fully fix the issue, so do not hesitate to call if you notice, by sight or by smell, any smoke or sparks.

Common Problems That Don’t Need Emergency Service

Some electrical issues don’t require emergency service. In these cases, you are able to take care of the issues yourself or have an electrician handle them when most convenient.

Be aware, however, some problems escalate to emergency levels without proper attention. Always stay on top of your electrical system to better protect your home and family from potential hazards.

Loose Outlet Plug

Sometimes outlets get loose due to age or overuse. Simply take off the cover plate, put in outlet shims, and ensure the outlet meets the wall. Easy fix! Remember to turn off your circuit breaker before you start.

High-Volt Light Bulbs

Ever think to check what voltage your light fixture handles before you buy bulbs? Some fixtures are unable to handle high-voltage light bulbs, so be sure you purchase appropriate bulbs for lamps and overhead lights.

High-voltage bulbs in low-voltage fixtures lead to dangerous scenarios! Avoid emergency electrical service with careful selection of your bulbs.

Contact Hoover Electric for Emergency Electrical Service

You don’t have to worry about electrical emergencies with Hoover Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling on the job. We want your home to be safe, well-lit, and electrically sound just as much as you do.

You never know when an electrical problem needs immediate attention, so always have Hoover Electric on “speed dial” in case you need emergency electrical service! Call us today to get a free estimate and to schedule your service.

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