Homeowner’s Guide to Heating Repair in Clinton Township

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No matter how well you care for your HVAC system, heating repair issues can pop up over the years. Some heating repair problems are common to different types of heating equipment.

Our heating repair experts discuss several common problems systems face in this blog. If you notice any of these issues, contact us for quick heating repair in your Clinton Township, Michigan home!

Furnace Heating Repair Issues

Common issues our heating repair technicians address when they work with furnaces include:

Cracked Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is the furnace component which transfers heat from fuel combustion to the surrounding air. The heat exchanger is sealed to prevent the leak of dangerous combustion byproducts into your air supply, such as carbon monoxide.

A heat exchanger cracks with normal use over time or from lack of maintenance. Sometimes cracks appear prematurely due to excessive wear and tear on your furnace. When this occurs, the household is at risk for carbon monoxide exposure. It’s possible to repair the heat exchanger, depending on the location of the crack.

Frequently, however, the component requires replacement. A heat exchanger is one of the most expensive components to replace, so protect it with regular maintenance from a qualified HVAC professional.

Ignition Problems

Issues with the electric ignition system prevent the delivery of needed heat in your home. Dirty burners are a common cause of an ignition system which won’t engage. When this happens, the furnace comes on, yet there’s no heat.

To solve this issue, your technician cleans the burners or replaces them if they malfunction.

Bad Belts

If the belts on your furnace’s blower motor are damaged or slipped, the blower will not properly circulate warm air through the ducts into your home. A high-pitched squeal from your furnace is a common belt-issue indicator.

Our heating repair technicians replace damaged belts quickly. They also adjust the motor position to ensure the belt is taut, to prevent slippage in the future.

Heat Pump Heating Repair Issues

Heating repair issues commonly found in heat pumps include:

Refrigerant Leaks

Heat pumps use refrigerant to move heat between indoor and outdoor areas. Refrigerant levels remain constant unless a leak is present in the system or refrigerant lines.

A refrigerant leak prevents the heat pump’s absorption of heat outside, as well as the movement of the heat into your home. The source of the leak must be found and repaired.

Afterward, technicians recharge the system with the proper amount and pressure of refrigerant for the heat pump to function correctly.

Bad Compressor

A heat pump’s compressor moves refrigerant through the system for heat exchange. Over time, the compressor may wear out. This causes your heat pump to lose the heating ability. A bad compressor may also make a grinding noise when it operates. The compressor needs a repair or replacement so the heat pump system functions correctly.

Ductless System Heating Repair Issues

When we perform a heating repair on ductless systems, there are several frequent issues:

Icing Over

In ductless systems where a heat pump is used for warmth, coils may freeze over due to condensation from the heat exchange process. If the ductless system’s defrost cycle does not work to melt the ice, a bigger issue may exist, such as a lack of airflow. We find the source of the issue and perform heating repairs to help prevent icing up throughout the winter.

Faulty Reversing Valve

If your ductless system only produces cool air during the winter, the problem may be a faulty reversing valve. The reversing valve is a component to switch the heat pump from cool mode to warm mode.

If the valve doesn’t work correctly, you will be unable to use the warm mode. Our heating repair technicians repair or replace the reversing valve, which allows the heat pump to function properly for winter.

Conclusion: Call Hoover When You Need Professional Help With These Common Heating Repair Issues

The easiest way to avoid these heating repair issues to schedule regular service for your heating system. Take advantage of our VIP program – members get regular HVAC equipment inspections, in addition to other benefits.

These inspections are terrific at identifying small concerns before they become large and costly problems. We highly recommend you join.

If you suspect your furnace or heat pump currently experiences any major issues, contact Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for quick heating repair. Don’t risk a breakdown! We perform expert repairs to improve the performance of your heating system and restore the comfort and warmth you need indoors.

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