Common Reasons Why a Toilet Won’t Flush Properly

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Frustrated when a toilet won’t flush properly? Hoover understands the embarrassment and mini-crisis of an uncooperative toilet. What if a guest tries to flush, but nothing happens? Save you and your guest the awkward interaction after a faulty flush. We have a step-by-step process when a toilet won’t flush properly. If you need expert plumbers – our team is ready to jump in and help!

Common Reasons a Toilet Won’t Flush Properly

A number of reasons cause your toilet to flush incorrectly. Here are some common problems homeowners face.

  • Clogs. First off, a clog causes your toilet to drain slowly or not at all. It happens to everyone at one point or another! Luckily, a plunger fixes most clogs quickly. Just turn off the water valve as soon as you notice the water start to rise to avoid overflow. No one wants to clean that up! Clogs also build over time, which sometimes requires professional help. Hoover has your back when clogs go beyond on the surface.
  • Loose or Tight Flush Handle. Another possible issue stems from the flush handle. If your toilet won’t flush properly, check if the handle needs to be tightened or loosened. Another easy fix!
  • Unattached Lift Chain. Lift chains must be correctly attached to the lift arm and flapper at the base of the flush valve, or else it won’t work. Simple adjustments usually fix the problem.
  • Unsealed Flapper. The flapper seals the flush valve, so it must be tightly secured. If your flapper is damaged, put in a new one.
  • Water Levels. The water level in your tank needs to be perfect in order for your toilet to work. Otherwise, your toilet won’t flush properly. Your toilet manufacturer knows the proper amount of water, so consult the manufacturer’s instructions when you fill the tank.
The Step by Step Process to Fix the Toilet

What if you don’t know the reason why your toilet won’t flush? Use Hoover’s step-by-step process to correctly identify the issue.

  1. Assess the situation. Ask yourself when you first noticed a problem with your toilet. Did a specific event trigger it to flush incorrectly? If you conclude when it stopped to flush as it should, you know what steps to take.
  2. Identify the problem. Use the list of issues above as a guideline. Turn off your water valve first if you notice water starts to rise in the toilet bowl. If that doesn’t happen, take off the lid to the water tank and take a look inside. Check the lift chain, flapper, and water level. Notice anything strange? That’s likely the cause of your problem.
  3. Take action. Next, implement the fixes mentioned above. In most cases, when a toilet won’t flush properly you only need to make minor adjustments inside the tank.
  4. Reassess. Double-check to make sure your fixes had the desired effect. If not, try another method.
  5. Feel relief! After all that, you now have a functional toilet!
Contact Our Expert Plumbers When Your Toilet Won’t Flush Properly

If your toilet won’t flush properly after these steps, call Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. We’re happy to help fix your toilet. No one wants to feel embarrassed so let us handle it.

Luckily, Hoover in Clinton Township knows exactly how to help when all else fails. We offer free estimates of our service, so give us a call and schedule an appointment today! Your satisfaction means everything to us.

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