What’s Involved in HVAC Maintenance in Clinton Township, MI

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With spring right around the corner, you need to know what’s involved in HVAC maintenance to keep your home or business comfortable. At Hoover Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we break down the process into easy-to-understand steps.

Ready yourself for Michigan’s fickle springtime with Hoover’s HVAC maintenance. In this blog, we’ll review why preventive maintenance is important and the tasks involved in HVAC maintenance.

Why You Need HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance seems complex if you don’t know why you need it. Here at Hoover, we aim to take away the mystery of why HVAC maintenance benefits your HVAC system. Here’s why you need regular maintenance.

  • Assured quality. For starters, regular maintenance ensures the quality of your HVAC system. Consistent checks of your system keep problems at bay. Catch an issue before it becomes a costly repair, or worse, a breakdown, with regular maintenance.
  • Lower expenses. An HVAC system that works correctly costs you less in the long run. Invest in maintenance checks to lower your energy consumption over time, which also lowers your utility bill. It’s a win-win!
  • Comfortable living. Lastly, comfort is involved in HVAC maintenance. Your indoor air quality (IAQ) benefits from an HVAC system that works properly. This gives you the assurance your air quality always stays high.
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What’s Involved in HVAC Maintenance?

The steps involved in HVAC maintenance range from at-home fixes to professional ones. These steps are routine for all maintenance checks Hoover performs on your HVAC system.

Change Filters

This one you can do on your own. Change your filters before you call a professional to check your HVAC system. Clean, new filters do wonders for your IAQ, so switch them out every season—or more frequently—to ensure the quality of your air remains top notch.

In addition, clogged and dirty filters force your blower motor, whether for your AC or heating, to work harder to push air through the system. This causes excess wear and tear. Your system is more likely to breakdown or short cycle. Eventually, this leads to an early replacement need.

Visual Inspection

The next step involved in HVAC maintenance is a visual inspection of your whole system. This inspection catches problems before they start. A qualified HVAC technician takes a look at your entire system to check for any visible problems. If we find something, we fix it before it becomes a larger problem.

Check Condensate Drain

Your condensate drain on your HVAC system needs to be clear in order for it to work properly. Moisture accumulation causes mold, water damage, and irregular temperatures throughout your home or business.

Check Electrical Connection

Electrical issues are also involved in HVAC maintenance. Connections loosen over time, which compromises the performance of your HVAC system. A quick check of the connections and tightening as needed solves the problem on the spot. We also test controls.

Lubricate Parts

The lubrication of moving parts in your HVAC system ensures everything runs smoothly. Lubricate parts regularly to keep the quality of your HVAC system high. Luckily, Hoover knows the importance of a well-oiled HVAC system!

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Now that you know what’s involved in HVAC maintenance, give Hoover Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling a call for a free estimate on HVAC maintenance. We want your HVAC system to work like it should this spring – and the rest of the year.

Regular maintenance checks keep your HVAC system up-to-date. Give us a call today to schedule your maintenance. We want to help you achieve the best air quality and comfort for the lowest price!

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