6 Reasons to Never Delay AC Maintenance


It’s easy to put off AC maintenance when everything is working fine. But this won’t benefit you in the long run. When HVAC companies recommend annual tune-ups, they’re looking out for your best interests. Here are 6 good reasons to book an inspection regardless of how busy your schedule is:


1.AC Issues Can Be Detected Early

Most air conditioner problems start as minor issues. These cause the system to work harder, straining larger components that eventually give out. A trained technician can find little problems during a maintenance visit and take any steps needed to prevent them from getting bigger.

2.The System Will Need Fewer Repairs

Adjusting a belt, lubricating moving parts, tightening electrical connections, and, if necessary, recharging refrigerant or sealing lines, can dramatically cut down your AC repair needs. That means fewer disruptions in your home during the life of the system, not to mention thousands of dollars in savings. You’ll also save by potentially delaying AC replacement by several years.

3.You Won’t Be Left Waiting for Repairs

Delaying maintenance increases the risk of dealing with serious problems. These tend to occur at the worst times. During the summer, HVAC companies are often backlogged with emergency calls, leading to delays in repair service. Your home can get quite uncomfortable while waiting for a technician to arrive.

4.More Reliable Cooling Performance

A well-maintained air conditioner will provide the cooling you expect. With regular service, you can avoid dealing with temperatures not getting cool enough, uneven temperatures from room to room, and problems with airflow. In addition to more reliable cooling, you’ll also see improved indoor air quality and humidity control.

5.Reduced Risk of an AC Breakdown

Annual AC maintenance reduces the odds of being stuck without air conditioning. During a heat wave, the temperature in your home can rise very quickly without the AC running. Breakdowns tend to happen when you need the system the most and are busy. Maintenance can be scheduled on your time, which is another reason it’s so convenient.

6.Your AC Will Be More Efficient

One of the great benefits of an AC tune-up is it can boost efficiency. A maintenance technician can make minor tweaks to optimize your air conditioner’s performance. The more smoothly it runs, the less energy it will use. Therefore, your monthly energy bills may be lower, yet your home will be more comfortable.


Call Hoover to Schedule AC Maintenance

At Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we’re committed to making sure you keep up with AC maintenance. Our licensed HVAC technicians will correct any issues so your home will be cool all summer long. We recommend scheduling maintenance as soon as possible, so your cooling system is reliable and efficient from the start. Book service online or call 586-496-4862 today.

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