Solve Leak Detection Problems in Clinton Township, MI

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Need a leak detection problem solved right away? Hoover Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling knows how to help! In Clinton Township, Michigan, we have the answers to all of your leak detection questions. Never worry about a leak again with the help of our qualified plumbers.

Signs of a Leak

Several signs point to a leak in your plumbing. Leak detection proves difficult if you are unsure of what causes leaks in the first place. Fortunately, certain signs indicate where a leak takes place. Fix leaks before they become major issues with the help of these important symptoms.

High water bill. Your water bill tells you a lot about your water usage. If you notice an increase in your bill but haven’t used more water than usual, you likely have a leak.

Water running sounds. When your taps are definitely off but you still hear water, you most likely have a leak on your hands.

Mold and mildew. Damp areas on your floor or ceiling with a strong odor of mold come from leaky pipes.

Wet spots by fixtures. Pools of water near toilets, tubs, and sinks indicate a leak somewhere in your plumbing.

Rusty pipes. Pipes exposed to water on the outside show signs of rust. Rust shows that water from inside the pipe made its way out of the pipe, which means you have a leak on your hands.

Leak Detection Made Easy

These symptoms of a leak give insight into the problem but don’t point out the direct cause. Hoover knows how to properly detect a leak in your plumbing system. Our system for leak detection covers all the bases. Here’s what we do when presented with a leak that needs to be found.

First, we look for water around appliances. An appliance leak shows signs directly at the source, so excess water around dishwashers, refrigerators, or washing machines indicates the location of the leak.

After that, we check under sinks in bathrooms and kitchens for moisture. We look for loose fittings, then tighten them. If these fixes don’t solve the problem, we keep up the search. We never give up on leak detection.

Next, we identify warps and cracks in flooring around fixtures like tubs and toilets. Wherever these issues are most prominent usually shows the location of the leak. These leaks even present themselves in the walls. Luckily, Hoover knows leak detection like the back of our hand.

Finally, we move to the basement if nowhere else turns up any problems. The pipes down there show signs of corrosion and moisture when they leak, so they are easy to identify.

Contact Us to Solve Your Leak Detection Mystery

We know how stressful leaks in your home are. At Hoover Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we want the stress to go away as much as you do. That’s why we take leak detection seriously all over Southeast Michigan.

You deserve to live in a home without leaks in your pipes. Call Hoover today to get a free estimate on your leak. We schedule your service visit at your convenience. Remember, Hoover Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has your back—no matter what.

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