How affordable is trenchless pipe repair vs traditional repair?

If you own your own home, you know: home ownership can get expensive. When you get the news that your property needs sewer line repair, your response is probably to brace yourself for a major bill and some major disruption to your life! Fixing an underground pipe has always involved days of digging and plenty of damage to your property. Fortunately, there’s now trenchless pipe repair, which allows plumbers to fix a pipe in less than a day, with minimal digging. Does this sound too good to be true? Your next thought will probably be to wonder how much this will cost.

We’re not going to lie; trenchless pipe repair is more expensive up front than traditional pipe repair. However, the price of traditional pipe repair does not involve restoring your property, which can be costly after plumbers have dug up your yard to fix a broken pipe. In some cases, you’ll even need to have your driveway replaced! There are other hidden costs to traditional repair, too. Sometimes the initial estimate doesn’t include the cost of excavating the old pipe or additional contractors who may need to come in and help complete the job. If there are any heavy objects over the sewer line, moving them probably won’t be included in the estimate.

With trenching, there are two different methods of repair that may be used. If there are just cracks and other disturbances in the pipe, the existing pipe may be left in place. A technique called lateral pipe lining is then used to create a layer of epoxy and remedy the problems. Basically, a new pipe is created from the old one. The other method is called pipe bursting, and in this technique the workers use a pneumatic or hydraulic head to destroy the old pipe and then drag in a new pipe to replace it. This is actually cheaper than lateral pipe lining.

With either method, trenchless pipe repair is minimally invasive. Your yard and driveway aren’t destroyed, so no property needs to be repaired once the pipe repair is complete. In that way, trenchless repairs end of being cheaper and more cost-effective than traditional pipe repair. They’re also much easier to endure because they’re easier and less destructive.

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