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A water main leak can be a major hassle, causing high water bills, puddles on the lawn, dirty water in the house, and even sinkholes. You might also have a leak if you hear running water or the pipes in your house have lost water pressure. If you suspect you have a water main leak, it’s extremely important to turn off your water supply immediately and call for professional help. After that, though, it’s good to determine who is responsible for paying to fix the problem.

The water main is a very large pipe, deep underground, which brings water to the pipes that lead to your house. Sometimes, a water main break can happen, leading to massive flooding, but other times, the water main simply leaks. What causes a water main leak? It could be a lack of maintenance, or weather changes, or even just aging pipes.

Whose responsibility is a water main leak?

It’s typically the county’s. The water main falls under the county’s jurisdiction, as do the pipes running from the main water service line to the pipes in your yard. If the leak is between your water meter and the water main, the county will generally handle it. On the other hand, if you don’t maintain the area around the water meter, you could be liable.

It’s always your responsibility to repair a leak if it occurs between the water meters and your house. This means that, unfortunately, if there’s standing water in your yard or water backing up into the house, it’s probably your responsibility to take care of it. You’ll need to immediately call in a professional plumber to repair the leak before it gets any worse.

Of course, this can get tricky if you rent your home or share the water supply with other properties. In the case of a rental, call your landlord, because that’s where responsibility lies. If your supply pipe serves more than just your property, check the title deeds of your property to determine how responsibility for this pipe is shared.

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