How to Extend the Life of Your Back-Up Generator

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Your back-up generator is basically an internal combustion engine that runs on typical power sources like natural gas, propane, or diesel. Think of it as a machine, well, because it actually is a machine. And when it comes to machines, you really can’t expect them to run perfectly forever. Regular use as well as wear and tear will eventually decrease the performance and reliability of your back-up generator no matter how durable it may be. It may take months or years, but the fact remains that you still need to regularly repair and check up on your generator if you want to keep it running and functional for its entire lifespan.

What are the important things I need to know about back-up generators?

As in any engine, you need to keep it clean and you need to provide it with the right fuel. Having a clean generator means that the chances of its internal parts malfunctioning would be much lower. That’s because there wouldn’t be any debris or foreign objects that might go inside that system and potentially cripple it.

Your fuel source is also very important. Make sure to read your owner’s manual and see what type of fuel that your back-up generator runs on. If it runs on diesel, then don’t put anything else in it. Doing so would not only destroy your generator, you would also be looking at hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair costs to get it operational again. If you want to avoid this, then exercise due diligence and make sure you know how to operate the machine that you have.

My generator runs fine; it doesn’t need to be checked up yet, right?

Wrong. Never wait till something wrong happens before you service something. Preventive maintenance is always a better alternative than to wait until your generator bogs down. That means regular, scheduled check-ups by certified technicians to see if there are any parts that are almost worn out so they can be immediately replaced before it affects your generator and its performance. Because this all translates to dollars and cents, this means that detecting potential problem areas before they actually happen would result to lower repair and maintenance costs. That’s a win for you, and a win for your generator.

I know a guy that can fix my back-up generator at a cheaper price, why should I opt for a certified service provider?

The thing about choosing a cheaper repair guy is that you might not always get your money’s worth; especially if that mechanic or technician isn’t as experienced or certified in handling certain types of equipment or machinery. We are talking about an expensive piece of machinery that uses flammable fuel sources that is potentially dangerous to you and your family if it malfunctions. So if you know for a fact that a cheaper repair guy isn’t certified to perform repairs on your back-up generator, don’t even think about risking it. You are putting yourself and your family in harm’s way.

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