Ways to Prepare for Severe Weather

No matter where you live, storms can be unpredictable. Are you prepared for severe weather? By making preparations before a storm hits, you’ll be better able to keep your family and home safe, no matter what the storm may bring.

  • Pay attention to the severe weather outlook. Consider the common weather conditions in your area. Do you live somewhere prone to hurricanes? What about tornadoes? Even if you don’t, it’s good to know what to do. Extreme thunderstorms and flooding can also be very dangerous. Learn about safety procedures in your area so that you’ll know how warnings are issued and how to evacuate or find shelter. If necessary, sign up for notifications from your local warning system. Keep an eye on local weather updates, and have backup devices available so that you’ll be able to check for updates, even in a power outage.
  • Have a plan in place, and practice that plan with your family. Your whole family should know where to go in case of an emergency and what to do. Discuss severe weather conditions in your area and assign roles to each member of the family in case of a storm. Regularly go over the plan, including how to get out of the house and how to communicate in an emergency situation.
  • Install appliances that will keep your power on and your equipment safe. Having a backup generator is a boon when a storm strikes. Even if the power goes out in your neighborhood, you can be confident that your appliances will keep running and you won’t lose basic necessities like your food supply. A whole home surge protector is a great idea, too, because it can protect your electronics from damage when the power is restored.
  • Be confident that your house is safe. A home inspection, whether you perform it or you hire an expert, can help reassure you that your house is stable and strong enough to withstand a storm. Make sure to pay attention to your yard, too, making sure anything valuable is inside during a storm and removing any dead trees so that you won’t have the added stress of a fallen tree when a storm hits.
  • Prepare an emergency kit ahead of time. In the middle of a crisis, it can be hard to know exactly what you need. That’s why it pays to have a kit prepared, with food, water, first aid items, medications, batteries, tools, flashlights, maps, blankets, and a list of emergency contacts. You might also want to have a whistle or another tool to call for help in your kit. Make sure, too, that all of your important documents are in a safe place.

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