How to Determine I Need Emergency Heating Repair

How to Determine I Need Emergency Heating Repair

It’s important to know when you need emergency heating repair. Even a small furnace malfunction can cause the unit to break down unexpectedly. If left unchecked, the problem can leave you in the cold, cause a fire, or release carbon monoxide. But these circumstances can be avoided. Here’s how to determine when to call a local contractor like Hoover for emergency heating repair:

  • The Furnace Is Making Strange Noises: Rattling or grinding noises often mean there’s a problem with the motor or blower wheel assembly. Banging sounds also indicate a mechanical issue. One or more parts inside the furnace may be loose or broken. Turn off the power to avoid further damage or electrical shocks, and call a local HVAC company for emergency heating repair.
  • The Unit Isn’t Providing Enough Heat: If your home is too cold, or even too hot, the heat exchanger might be damaged. An airflow problem in your ductwork can also cause temperature control issues. Or, a clogged filter, broken heating element, or faulty thermostat could lead to uneven heating.  
  • Airflow Is Limited: If there’s weak or no airflow from the furnace, the air filter may be clogged, which is an easy problem to fix. However, more significant problems include a malfunctioning blower motor. If not repaired, these issues can lead to overheating, which can cause irreparable damage.
  • The Furnace Constantly Cycles On and Off: If the unit consistently shuts off soon after turning on, it will use more energy and increase your utility bills. Many homeowners don’t respond to this issue quickly enough. But it’s a common sign of trouble and should not be ignored. When a furnace rapidly cycles, look for other issues or call a technician for help.
  • The Unit Has a Water Leak: Humidity can cause a small amount of condensation. However, when water is visibly leaking from the side of a furnace, a drain pan may be damaged or the heat exchanger may be cracked. These should be addressed immediately before more serious problems occur.
  • Your Utility Bill Is Higher Than Expected: A spike in your energy bill can be a sign your furnace is not working properly. If it has a mechanical or electrical issue, it will work harder and consume more energy in the process. Quickly requesting service can save on the cost of more expensive repairs. 

Therefore, you need to pay attention to how your furnace is working to determine whether you need emergency heating repair. Other signs of a problem include increased indoor pollutants or a pilot light that has turned yellow instead of blue. Checking for these problems can determine if you need a repair professional.

What to Do If Your Heating System Isn’t Working

If your heating system does fail unexpectedly, there are steps to take that can improve your safety and limit the damage. Here’s what to do if your furnace fails:

  • Wait for It to Turn Back On: If the system doesn’t turn on again after 10 minutes, call a heating contractor for help. Don’t turn on the unit yourself. A technician can determine the source of the problem and take steps to reduce the safety risks.
  • Cut the Power If There Are Signs of Smoke/Burning: The smell of smoke or the sight of flames from the furnace are very serious issues. Turn off the power at the On/Off switch and the circuit breaker. Then call a professional to evaluate the system.
  • Don’t Extinguish Flames With Water: Avoid using water if your heater has caught fire. It can spread the fire, release hot steam, or cause water damage. Turn off the unit and call the fire department; wait for further instructions from them.
  • Keep Your Distance: Move away from a damaged furnace as heat, gases, and fumes may harm you. Never try to fix the problem yourself. You can unwillingly cause more damage that requires costlier repairs.

It’s best to call for emergency heating repair whenever you can’t attribute a furnace problem to a dirty filter, an improperly set thermostat, or a power failure.

Call Hoover Electric, Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling

We provide heating and furnace repairs in Southeast Michigan. A furnace issue can leave you in the cold and cause safety, efficiency, and indoor air quality problems. Our technicians are trained and equipped to address every common issue and will diagnose and repair your furnace quickly. Aside from timely repairs, we also offer discounts, financing, and free estimates. To request an emergency heating repair, call (586) 371-7722 or schedule service online today.

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