Guide to Dealing with Cracked or Collapsed Pipes

Guide to Dealing with Cracked or Collapsed Pipes

Cracked or collapsed pipes are a common reason for sewer line repair in Troy, MI. They can cause sewage backups and sinks, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures to malfunction. The problem can lead to unsanitary conditions and major property damage. Therefore, it’s critical to recognize the signs of trouble and know when to call a licensed professional for help. 

Signs of Cracked or Collapsed Pipes

Some signs of damaged sewer pipes are more obvious than others. Common reasons to suspect a cracked or collapsed sewer line include:

  • Slow Drains: When multiple fixtures have poor drainage, the cause is most likely in the sewer line. Water may drain slowly if sewage is draining into the dirt. 
  • Foul Odors: A crack in a sewer line can release gases that smell terrible and can contain disease-causing bacteria and other pollutants.
  • Strange Noises: Bubbling drains, gurgling toilets, and other unusual signs can mean damage to a sewer line is affecting your plumbing system.
  • Overgrown Grass: A patch of lush grass on your lawn is likely being nourished by a water leak from a collapsed sewer line. The patch may get bigger over time; when it becomes oversaturated, the grass will die.
  • Soggy Ground: If you see a patch of soft, water-logged ground that stinks, there’s probably a cracked or collapsed pipe. The problem can lead to a sinkhole.
  • Insects and Rodents: Bugs will multiply rapidly in stagnant water and infiltrate your home, while rodents can escape their sewer hideouts and find their way inside.

Causes of Pipe Damage in Troy, MI

At this point, you may wonder why pipes can be damaged so severely. A common cause is tree roots, which grow toward sources of water. Roots can get into pipes through small cracks or grow around them, eventually crushing the pipe material. Shifting soil can also put pressure on pipes until they fail. Age is an issue as well. Many pipes erode over time, while corrosion can eat through metal and other materials until the pipe cracks or collapses.

Impact of Cracked or Collapsed Pipes on Your Sewer System

Ignoring the signs can lead to serious problems inside and outside your home. Eventually, the functionality of the entire sewer system can be compromised. Sewage backups, water damage, mold, odors, and respiratory and other health problems can make your home uninhabitable. In severe cases, water can erode the ground under your home, cracking the foundation and walls until the structure collapses. Leaking sewage can also create environmental hazards outside, including groundwater and soil contamination.

How to Fix Cracked or Collapsed Pipes

When you have a reason to believe there’s sewer line damage under your home, the only option is to call a professional. They have the tools or experience to properly address the matter. When you call Hoover for sewer line repair in Troy, our team will promptly get to work and proceed as follows:

  • Professional Inspection: Our qualified plumbers provide sewer inspections using the latest pipe video camera equipment. If necessary, they employ advanced leak detection systems to identify trouble spots underground or under a concrete slab.
  • Trenchless Solutions: Trenchless options avoid the digging, disruption, damage, and expenses associated with traditional sewer line excavation. If an underground pipe can be repaired, pipe lining may be used. The pipe liner is fed through the pipe with a cable, inflated, and allowed to cure. The resin forms a new inner pipe that lasts for decades.

Pipe bursting is another trenchless method. Like with pipelining, the technician digs two small access points. A hydraulic machine and cable pull a bursting head through the line that fractures the old pipe. Next, a new pipe is pulled in place and connected to both sides of the existing line.

  • Efficient Repair Process: When you have a cracked or collapsed pipe, our sewer repair technicians will perform a thorough inspection and assessment to determine the scope, size, and location of the problem. Next, they make recommendations based on their findings; each option will be provided with a cost estimate. The repair process begins upon approval. It involves using high-quality materials, creating an access point (or accessing a cleanout), and replacing the damaged pipe section.

Benefits of Timely Repair

Timely sewer line repair has many benefits. When issues are addressed promptly, you can:

  • Avoid extensive and costly repairs to your sewer line.
  • Prevent water, mold, and structural damage to your home.
  • Eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other health hazards.

How to Find a Reputable Plumbing Professional

To locate a reputable sewer line repair company in Troy, MI, you need to find one with knowledge and experience in dealing with cracked or collapsed pipes. Look for a technician with a master plumber’s license and positive reviews. When you research plumbing contractors, make sure they’re insured, provide a free estimate, and are transparent with pricing before hiring them. You can also ask family members, friends, or neighbors to recommend a plumber they’ve hired for sewer line repair.

What Does Trenchless Sewer Repair Cost?

Plumbing contractors generally charge by the linear foot of pipe for trenchless sewer repair. The longer the section of pipe that must be replaced, the higher the cost of the job. Other factors that can increase costs include if you have trees, roots, or hard soil around the pipe. In general, pipe lining costs less than pipe bursting.

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Cracked or Collapsed Pipe?

Some trenchless sewer repairs can take less than a day. Depending on the scope of the work, sewer line repair generally takes one to three days to complete. However, if the damage is extensive or the pipe is hard to access, the repair can take up to a week.

Contact Hoover for Sewer Line Repair in Troy, MI

If you have signs of a cracked or collapsed pipe, such as slow drains, foul odors, noise, or overgrown patches of grass, our trained plumbers can help. They can quickly find the source of the problem. Our team at Hoover specializes in trenchless sewer repair in Troy, MI, which is a faster, less costly process than traditional digging. We also perform routine sewer inspections, which let us spot developing issues before they get worse. To schedule a sewer line repair or inspection in Troy, MI, call Hoover at (586) 576-9365.

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