Common Electrical Problems in Your House

Every home with electricity will eventually have an electrical problem or two. These are usually minor, but it’s good to understand them before they happen. Here is an overview of a few common electrical problems.

Short Circuits

We all know that a short circuit is when something goes wrong, but to explain what “short circuit” technically means we must know what a circuit is. A circuit is a network consisting of a closed loop, giving a return path for the current. A short occurs when the loop is closed inadvertently, making it too small (or short) to handle the power, and perhaps bypassing the resistor, which regulates the current. Short circuits may be caused by an errant nail or screw in a wall, but often require an electrician to diagnose and fix.

Flickering Lights

Are lights flickering in your house? In the early days of electric power, this phenomenon was sometimes thought to be a sign of ghosts or other spiritual disturbances but, thankfully, the real problem has been shown to be more easily fixed. Lights flicker due to:

  1. A loose or dying lightbulb
  2. A loose or faulty breaker
  3. Faulty wiring
  4. A major appliance just turned on or off
  5. A short circuit
  6. A faulty dimmer

Tripping Breakers

Most modern homes have a breaker box, which is the main electrical hub of your home. Fuse boxes used to be common. With a fuse box, a surge of electricity would destroy a fuse, which you would have to replace. With a breaker box, a surge will usually just “trip” a breaker, turning it off. If a circuit breaker keeps tripping in your house, it often means that too much power is being used on that circuit. You may need to move an appliance to another location, or get a higher capacity breaker installed in that circuit.

High Power Bills

Have you ever looked at your monthly expenses and wondered “why is my electric bill so high?” This happens a lot in the spring or summer when air conditioning is used the most. Consider keeping it at a higher temperature. Electrical bills also rise when there are more people in your home. Or there could be a problem with your dryer, causing it to be run more often or for longer periods. If none of these scenarios explain the surge in your power bill, consider calling your power company or an electrician.

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