Air Purifiers and Improving Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor air quality is a growing concern amongst homeowners and businesses. Despite everyone’s best intentions, our indoor air quality continues to decrease. The reason? Household appliances, dirty air ducts, and airborne pollutants. With time, we may experience adverse health effects due to poor indoor air quality. What can we, as homeowners do? The first step you should take in order to improve your indoor air quality is to invest in an air purifier. The second step is to ensure that you have clean and fully-functioning heating and cooling systems.

Common Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

There are countless reasons why your home’s indoor air quality may be suffering. For many households, poor air circulation is a leading factor. If you have ductwork, excessive build-up may be clogging airflow, leading to airborne contaminants spreading throughout the home. A clean air filter is also a requirement that many forego.

These are the most common causes of poor indoor air quality:

  • Animal Dander
  • Dust Mites
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Dirt
Improving Your Indoor Air

Once you’ve determined there is, in fact, an air quality issue, it’s time to act. Today’s market is overloaded with high-efficiency air purifiers, most of which perform their role adequately. Your first step is to research a model and act upon the decision. An air purifier works by removing toxins and pollutants from the circulating air in your home.

Furthermore, thorough cleaning of your air ducts is an investment worth considering. Due to heavy use, these ducts may experience clogging and dirt buildup. You can schedule professional cleaning services with relative ease. You may also want to consider changing your cooling unit’s air filter on a monthly basis. In some homes, the air filter must be changed bi-monthly.

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