7 Benefits of Calling a Drain Cleaning Plumber

drain cleaning plumber

Unclogging a drain may seem easy. But a DIY fix usually isn’t permanent. And the liquid drain cleaner you use can damage the pipe or release toxic fumes. Calling a drain cleaning plumber is a safer and more practical solution with these benefits:

Why You Should Call a Plumber

1. Fewer Repairs

A skilled plumber uses the right equipment and techniques. By trying to clear a clog yourself, you may inadvertently push it deeper, cause a leak, or break the pipe. Improper drain cleaning can also contribute to corrosion. Therefore, hiring a professional outright can avoid major plumbing repairs and replacements that disrupt your schedule.

2. Eliminates Health Risks

Waste caught in your drainage system can allow bacteria to flourish, which can lead to infections and diseases. Mold can also grow in clogged drains; some types of mold release toxins associated with respiratory and other health issues. A plumber will ensure your drains are clog-free so harmful organisms cannot thrive.

3. Gets Rid of Odors

Bacteria that feed on hair, soap scum, food particles, and organic matter in drains can release foul odors. Consumer drain cleaners don’t get rid of these. Eventually, your entire home may smell. But a professional drain cleaning can eliminate all the waste in a drain pipe and improve your comfort and indoor environment.

4. Prevents Future Blockages

Unclogging a drain yourself doesn’t prevent blockages from happening again. Water drainage may become slower or your toilet may eventually stop flushing, potentially leading to a flood. A qualified plumber can reduce the risk of a future clog and help increase the longevity of your pipes. 

5. Protects Against Property Damage

A drain cleaning plumber not only helps protect your plumbing. They can also prevent overflows that can damage floors, carpets, tiles, plaster, drywall, and wallpaper. If mold grows, it can penetrate deep into materials, requiring walls and floors to be torn out and replaced.

6. Saves Money

Many people try to avoid the up-front cost of hiring a plumber. However, the cost of professional drain cleaning pales compared to larger plumbing and water damage repairs. A clog can lead to an overflow, increased pressure in your plumbing system, and leaky or burst pipes. Fixing pipes in your house can require breaking through walls. Reaching drainage lines underground can require costly and time-consuming digging and restoration.

7. Plumbers Use the Latest Technology

A simple plunger or store-bought drain snake won’t clear a major blockage. The symptoms also don’t point to where the clog is. A drain cleaning plumber will inspect your pipes with a video camera to see what is blocking them and where. They also use more sophisticated augers to remove stubborn blockages or a hydro jetter to force the material through the drainage system.

Call Hoover Today

We provide professional drain cleaning services in Clinton Township, MI, and surrounding communities. Our licensed plumbers effectively clear blockages, prevent clogs, and avoid backups, floods, odors, and health hazards. Advanced methods such as hydro jetting allow us to clear drains and prevent future problems. In addition, our team is available 24/7 to respond to emergencies. For prompt, fast, and effective service by an experienced drain cleaning plumber, call 586-701-6127.

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