8 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Services Today

You may be so busy with day-to-day tasks, a slow drain may not catch your attention. But a drain blockage will only get worse. You may ultimately be dealing with an overflow, flood, or waste backup. These things can be avoided by heeding the warning signs. Here are eight reasons you should call a plumber for drain cleaning services in Clinton Township:

1. Water Is Draining Slowly

When your sink or bathtub starts to empty more slowly, the drain is likely clogged. Common culprits of a clog include soap, hair, and even grease and food remnants. They’ll build up in a pipe until it is totally blocked. Fortunately, this issue develops gradually, giving you time to act before things get bad.

2. Water Won’t Drain/Is Standing

A complete drain clog will prevent water from draining at all. You’ll instead have standing water in the sink, tub, or washing machine. The only way to get the drain working again is to call a professional to clean it out.

3. Water Suddenly Backs Up

You might not have used the taps or a plumbing appliance recently, but dirty water suddenly appears. This is not only disgusting. It can be a time-consuming cleanup and may require expensive repairs. A complete blockage means water can go nowhere but onto the floor, soaking furnishings and building materials.

4. Foul Odors in Your Home

Extremely unpleasant smells may emanate from drains and plumbing fixtures, spreading throughout your home. These odors can come from waste sitting in or backing up drain pipes. Sewer gases can also accumulate. In any case, you may be facing a hazardous situation.

5. Drains Clog Often

If you think you’ve just cleared out your bathroom sink, and it’s clogged up again, the blockage may be more serious than you think. Store-bought drain cleaners may only partially break up the clog, or work temporarily. A professional can fix issues deeper in your plumbing and clean out gunk when ordinary methods won’t.

6. Your Sink or Pipes Are Gurgling

Gurgling sounds can occur even if your drains seem to be working. If you hear these from the toilet or pipes, air bubbles are being created by a clog as water is running past the blockage. Only by having the drain cleaned professionally will this problem be resolved.

7. Multiple Drains Are Clogged

If your toilet, bathtub, and sinks all won’t drain, the main drainage pipe or the main sewer line may be blocked. This risks water backing up from multiple drains. Therefore, a drain cleaning service can save you from a multitude of problems.

8. Fruit Flies Are Everywhere

If food is stuck in your drainage pipes, fruit flies may seemingly come out of nowhere. There may be no food in sight or crumbs on the table or counter. Once the food is removed from your drains, the fruit flies will leave to find other sources of food.

Contact Your Local Emergency Plumber

Hoover Electrical provides drain cleaning services throughout Clinton Township. Our licensed plumbers can get your drain running again no matter what the signs of trouble are. We use the latest technology, including camera inspection and advanced diagnostics, and always provide straightforward pricing. To request drain cleaning, schedule service online or call 586-701-6128 today.

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