Why Installing a Garbage Disposal is Worth It

Where do you dispose of food scraps? Food scraps make up about 20 percent of all household waste. Are yours going to a landfill? If you’re not composting, it may be time to consider installing a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are easy to use, and they offer many benefits.

Garbage Disposals are convenient.

You just scrape food from your plate into the sink, turn on the water, and flip the switch for the disposal. The garbage disposal quickly shreds the food scraps into tiny pieces that travel safely through your plumbing system. As long as you do this in moderation, it causes no problems for your plumbing.

Your kitchen will smell better.

One big source of kitchen odor is food waste left to rot in the garbage can. When those scraps go into the disposal, they don’t sit around in the trash. If your disposal develops an odor, you can clean it easily by tossing down small pieces of lemon, or pouring in a little bit of vinegar and baking soda.

Garbage disposals are environmentally friendly.

As mentioned, food scraps account for 20 percent of household waste. When you install a garbage disposal, the amount of garbage your household generates will be significantly reduced. This means less work for you, taking out the trash, and less trash in the landfill. It also means fewer greenhouse emissions from garbage trucks, and less methane produced by trash at the landfill.

Your plumbing benefits from a garbage disposal.

When you don’t have a disposal, it’s easy for pieces of food to accidentally make their way into the drain and cause clogs. With a disposal, it’s easy to break up those food pieces and send them out through the pipes. Your pipes are then subject to less pressure, and you’re less likely to need to call a plumber to repair a clog, leak, or burst pipe.

You’ll save money with a garbage disposal.

You’ll have to buy fewer garbage bags, and you’ll require fewer visits from the plumber.

Garbage disposals have a long lifespan.

While it varies from model to model, garbage disposals can last from a few years to more than a decade. Often, trouble with a garbage disposal doesn’t require replacement, but a simple repair from a plumbing expert.

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