When is the Best Time to Clean Your Drains

You probably have a routine for how often you clean your bathrooms, vacuum, and change your linens. But how often do you clean your drains? Many people don’t think about cleaning their drains but it’s important to keep up with them. Consider all the things that go down the drain, and you’ll realize that food particles, hair, and soap can cause serious plumbing problems if you don’t keep up with regular drain cleaning.

  • How often is considered regular? The general consensus is that monthly cleaning is sufficient to keep your drains in good shape. When you clean the drains monthly, you’ll be able to use safe drain cleaning methods and avoid putting harsh chemicals into your plumbing. It’s also advisable to pour hot water down the drain once a week. This can help remove the buildup on the inside of the pipes that can lead to clogging. In some cases, drains need more frequent cleaning, and should be cleaned if a problem arises.
  • How can you tell if there’s a problem that needs immediate attention? If your drain is slow, you probably haven’t paid enough attention to maintaining it. If your drains start draining much more slowly than usual, it may be time to call for professional drain cleaning services. If your drain gives off a bad smell, it needs cleaning. If several drains in your house smell unpleasant, you may have a deeper problem in your sewer system.
  • What’s the best method for drain cleaning? To clean a drain without harsh chemicals, mix one cup of vinegar, one cup of very hot water, and one half cup of baking soda, and pour the mixture down the drain. Plug the drain, allow it to sit for five to ten minutes, then flush the drain with more hot water. For stubborn clogs use a cup plunger to move them along.
  • What about sewer drain cleaning? Your kitchen and bathroom drains are part of your everyday life and you can easily clean them on your own. Your sewer lines, however, are hidden from view, which means you might not notice a problem until it becomes a major issue. Warning signs like raw sewage backing up in the drain, toilet, or bathtub, gurgling sounds in your pipes, water around the basement floor drain, water backing up into the shower or bathtub when the washing machine is running, slow drains, bad smells, or frequent clogging mean you should call in a professional.

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