Summer Is Here!!

Hoover Electric Plumbing Heating Cooling

Summer is here, with that comes a lot of electricity usage. From running your air conditioners all day to your pool pump 8-10 hours. When using your home’s electrical equipment as much as we do in the summer it is important to make sure all your electrical equipment is running properly. It is suggested to have an electrician in your home regularly to inspect the breaker panel and electrical equipment to make sure there is no overheating or loose connection. Overheating or lose connections in a plug, switch or even the fuse or breaker panel can cause arcing which in turn can cause an electrical fire. Appliances, lighting fixtures, or extensions cords not used properly can also turn into a hazardous condition, click here! Hoover Electric & Plumbing has been serving the Metro Troy, MI area for over 33 years, keeping our customer’s families safe from any electrical hazards. If your residential home has not seen an electrician in over 3 years we highly suggest having Hoover Electric & Plumbing come out and performing an electrical safety inspection! Call [company-phone id=1] today!

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