Smoke Detector Beeping

Why Is My Smoke Detector Beeping?

A smoke detector chirping is not an uncommon occurrence. However, a smoke alarm making unusual noises is not something that you should ignore. It’s true that sometimes a smoke detector will beep for an innocuous reason, like the batteries are starting to run low. But sometimes your immediate attention is required, and you should take heed any time your smoke detector is emitting any kind of noise. In the following post, we will be talking about what it means when your smoke detector is chirping and what you can (and should) do about it. If you are having trouble with your smoke detectors or need installation service, reach out to us here at Hoover Electric!

Different Kinds of Chirping

Most people assume that smoke detectors beep in only one way. But they can actually beep faster or slower depending on what the issue is. In fact, the frequency of the beeping will give you a good clue as to what the specific issue is.

  • Slow Chirping – If your smoke detector is beeping about once per minute, the issue is most likely battery-related. Either the battery is running low, was inserted improperly, or the battery drawer is ajar. Check to make sure that the battery is facing the right direction and the battery drawer is fully closed. If the chirping persists, you probably need to replace the battery.
  • Intermediate Chirping – If you notice that your smoke detector is chirping about three times per minute, it likely means that there is something wrong with the actual device. In this case, your best course of action is to replace the alarm.
  • Fast Chirping – When your alarm is chirping about five times per minute, it means it has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. You can push the silence/test button to silence it for two days while you get a replacement. But after two or three weeks of resetting the warning, the beeping will be incessant.

It should be noted that in most cases, you can simply press the test/silence button to stop the chirping temporarily. But keep in mind that if the problem persists and needs to be addressed, the chirping will persist as well.

Contact Hoover Electric

If none of the above tips solved your issue, you need to call a professional. You can rely on us here at Hoover Electric for smoke detector installation and maintenance service in Clinton Township & Troy, MI. Don’t put it off until the last minute, because you could be putting yourself at risk. Call us for certified smoke detector service!

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