Is It Time to Make that Heating System Repair Call?


Your furnace may not be working like it once did. But you’re putting off calling a heating contractor to avoid high repair or replacement costs. As we know, that will only make matters worse. It can put your household in danger too. Call your local HVAC company for heater repair if you notice any of the following issues:

Signs for Heater Repair

A Spike In Your Electric Bill

For most people, a higher utility bill doesn’t immediately draw attention to a heater problem. However, it should be fairly constant at least on a seasonal basis. Rate increases are typically gradual. If it suddenly goes way up, your heating system is using more energy to compensate for something. It may be advanced in age and no longer able to handle the load. Contact a heating system repair technician to find out why your electric bill suddenly spiked.

Something Doesn’t Smell Right

You may have noticed a dusty odor when the heating system first came on this season. It should have dissipated relatively quickly. But if a rubber or plastic burning odor persists, your furnace probably has mechanical or electrical damage. Changing an old air filter can help. If not, you’re at risk of a furnace breakdown or a fire; plus, odors can be accompanied by something you can’t smell—carbon monoxide.

A Strange-Looking Pilot Light

Any furnace owner knows the pilot light should be blue. There’s a serious problem if it’s another color. The most common sign of trouble is if the pilot light is yellow, but an orange, red, purple, or green color is also a reason to be concerned. The discoloration is a sign of a combustion issue or that too many condensates are present. If left unchecked, the situation can lead to dangerous pollutants being released into the air.

There’s Too Much Noise

Your heating system’s normal sound doesn’t take long to get used to. But that doesn’t include odd noises like banging, clanking, and screeching. Loose belts, worn bearings, and failing motors can be easily replaced by a professional, but if left alone, can strain other components and a total failure can occur. That means you’ll be without heat until a repair crew can get there and fix it.

Only Parts Of Your Home Are Warm

If you keep turning up the thermostat yet some rooms are still cold, you likely need heater repair. A heating expert can quickly troubleshoot and fix the problem. Perhaps the furnace needs repair, or there’s an issue with airflow in the ductwork. Also, call for help if some spots are too warm; this is an indication your furnace isn’t working right.

The Air Is Stale, Dusty, or Otherwise Not Right

You may need heating system repair if your home is dustier than usual or the air seems hazy. Dust, pollen, mildew, and other allergens and contaminants can circulate if there’s an issue with your furnace. If changing the filter doesn’t improve the situation, and allergy and asthma symptoms persist, contact your local heater repair company.

Call Hoover for Heating System Repair

We provide all types of heater repairs throughout Southeast Michigan. Skilled and professional, our staff addresses problems large and small and knows how to service many brands of heating equipment. Whether it’s an emergency, your electric bill has gone up, or the heater is turning on and off too frequently, our team can help. You can reach us 24/7. To schedule heating system repair, submit your request online or call 586-371-7722 today.

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