Importance of Pipe Descaling

What Is Pipe Scale?

Pipe scale is a buildup of mineral and other deposits present in the water. Over time, these minerals and deposits can build up and stick to surfaces that come in contact with your water. The components that are most vulnerable to this type of buildup are the inner lining of your plumbing pipes and various plumbing fixtures. The most common types of scale buildup are made up of magnesium and calcium. When these minerals are heated or pressurized (as they often are when you run your hot water tap), they can begin to adhere to the inner lining of your pipes. Aside from affecting the quality of your water, excess scale buildup can cause slow draining. In extreme cases, it can even cause a clogged drain. In the following post, we will be talking about why descaling your pipes is important and what is involved in the process. If you already know that your pipes need descaling, be sure to call us at Hoover Electric!

Why Pipe Descaling Is Important

Descaling pipes should be a routine maintenance procedure, and there are some very important reasons to have your pipes descaled:

  • Improves Drinking Water Quality – Over time, mineral deposits in your pipes and fixtures can release small amounts of lead into your drinking water. While filtration systems are always advisable to improve the quality of your drinking water, descaling your pipes will certainly be helpful.
  • Improves Pipe Lifespan – When scale is allowed to build up, it can affect the structural integrity of the pipe, which will likely lead to early replacement.
  • Prevents Major Plumbing Problems – When your pipes become dysfunctional because of scale buildup, you may have to excavate the pipe in order to replace it. This takes time and money. Keeping your pipes free of scale buildup will also help you avoid major issues like clogs and leaks.

It is relatively affordable and easy to have your pipes descaled. It can usually be done with a non-invasive method known as hydro jetting.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

 A hydro jet procedure involves using highly pressurized water to blast away clogs and scale deposits. The plumber may also use a descaling attachment that has a small chain on the end that is rotated by the pressurized water. The chain scrubs away the scale deposits. In some cases, a chemical solvent may be used. In any case, none of the pipes will need to be removed and both processes are very quick.

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