How to Find the Best Emergency Heating and Cooling Contractor


In Southeast Michigan, you never want to be without heating or cooling. The weather here can be unpredictable. Therefore, finding the most qualified contractor is essential. At Hoover, we know ACs tend to break down in the hottest weather. Heaters tend to quit on the coldest days. When you find yourself in a crunch, here are tips on finding the right emergency heating and cooling contractor in your area.

What Makes a Good HVAC Contractor?

Do your research before signing off on any service. In vetting HVAC companies, these are the qualities that you need to consider:


Make sure the company has been around for a few years, which says something about its ability to service equipment and treat customers.

Service Guarantees

Equipment can still break down after it’s repaired; a guarantee on a contractor’s services shows confidence and can save you money.

Employee Qualifications

The company should hire licensed technicians and provide them with ongoing training; they should be NATE-certified as well.


HVAC repair is not a 9-5 job. Equipment can develop problems day or night, so go with companies that are available 24/7 for emergency service.


Although a company says it offers 24/7 service, that doesn’t mean it won’t charge extra after normal business hours. Ask about free estimates on repairs and whether discounts or specials are available.

Advice on Seeking Great Emergency Heating and Cooling Contractors

In vetting an HVAC company with these points in mind, there are various resources and strategies you can use. Whether you’re experiencing an emergency or are planning ahead, you can:

  • Go to the Company’s Website: The business should cover its services in detail across its web pages. If it provides emergency heating and cooling repair, this will be listed and explained. A contact form and number should be provided, and there may even be resources to help troubleshoot the problem yourself before calling for help.
  • Read Customer Reviews: Check the feedback of customers who have had similar problems as you and hired the company to resolve them. Some contractors include reviews on their websites, but also check popular review sites to read about overall satisfaction and general experiences. The Better Business Bureau is also a reliable resource.
  • Ask Family, Friends, and Neighbors: There’s often nothing more helpful than an acquaintance’s opinion when you’re in a crunch. Asking someone you know is the easiest way to go. But you can ask a contractor for referrals as well. It’s a good sign if a provider is enthusiastic about referring you to a satisfied customer.
  • Get an In-Home Estimate: The underlying issue with an air conditioner or furnace isn’t always obvious. Therefore, don’t take a quote over the phone. The company should send a technician to your home to evaluate the problem, determine what must be fixed, and then provide an accurate estimate.
  • The Company Is Insured: If the contractor doesn’t have insurance coverage, you could be liable if a worker is injured in your home. Ask to see the company’s insurance policy and understand the fine details before you sign a contract. Also, ask to see licensing information.
  • Equipment/Service Is Warrantied: The company should warranty not only the equipment it installs but its repairs as well. This means you won’t get another repair bill if the system breaks down a week after it was fixed.
  • Don’t Rush Your Decision: If you’re not comfortable with one contractor, get a reference, estimate, or written proposal from one or two others. Price is only one thing to compare; you want to evaluate each prospective company on many levels (this is one reason to know the best emergency contractor in advance).

Choosing the wrong contractor can mean dealing with additional breakdowns in the future. Your HVAC system may work inefficiently and may even be unsafe to use. Poor quality service can also shorten the life of equipment or void the factory warranty. Therefore, choose wisely when calling about an AC or heater emergency.

Call Hoover for Emergency Heating and Cooling Repair

Hoover is available 24/7 for emergency AC and heating repair in Southeast Michigan. Our technicians are knowledgeable in every make and model and travel in fully stocked trucks to deal with any issue quickly. Whether the issue requires a simple fix or major repair, our certified contractors will restore your comfort. Call 586-576-9365 for emergency service.

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