7 Ways an Annual AC Tune-Up Can Improve Your Summer

When preparing for summer, Michigan residents set up their patios, prepare their barbecue grills, and trim bushes around their yards. Scheduling air conditioner maintenance is another spring ritual everyone should follow. An annual AC tune-up ensures your system is ready to handle the load when the hot weather arrives. If you’ve been delaying the opportunity to schedule AC maintenance, here are some benefits to consider:

1. Prevent Expensive Repairs

Air conditioner repairs, especially when they involve vital parts such as the compressor, refrigerant coils, air handlers, etc., can be expensive, considering the cost of parts and labor. Most AC breakdowns occur without warning. A tune-up lets a professional discover minor issues and fix them before you spend thousands of dollars restoring the system.

That means more money in your bank account to enjoy outdoor gatherings or family vacations.

2. Increased Energy Efficiency

Homeowners typically pay their energy bills every month. These bills can fluctuate seasonally but generally don’t change much from year to year. If your utility bill suddenly spikes, it’s a good reason to call an AC technician. A tune-up can avoid higher energy bills by improving the unit’s efficiency. With less wear and tear and all parts working harmoniously, the AC doesn’t have to work as hard.

3. Longer AC Lifespan

An annual AC tune-up can prolong the life of your AC system. An air conditioner that requires fewer repairs and is maintained regularly tends to last longer. That can mean the difference between a unit lasting 7 to 8 years or 12 to 15 years. You can delay investing in a new AC unit for several years while avoiding costly breakdowns.

4. No Wait for Repairs

A lack of maintenance is one of the top reasons for needing big AC repairs. Major air conditioning problems often occur when you need the system the most, like during a summer heat wave. But this is when HVAC contractors are the busiest. Even if your local AC company offers 24-hour service, technicians may be busy fixing other air conditioners in the community. Your home can get warm and uncomfortable while you wait for them to arrive. An annual AC tune-up avoids such a situation.

5. Stick to the Terms of the Warranty

Manufacturers usually include a limited warranty with new AC equipment that requires proper maintenance. You risk voiding the warranty by ignoring maintenance and failing to get annual tune-ups. The manufacturer then won’t cover any repairs or provide replacement parts. Instead of enjoying summer, you may have to search for parts, find a technician who’ll fix the unit, or shop around for a replacement system.

6. Increased Comfort

An annual AC tune-up enables your system to produce the correct temperatures based on the thermostat setting. It’s also less likely to have hot and cold spots around your home. Aside from more even cooling, you’ll see improved humidity and indoor air quality control. Minor issues can affect these parameters, which is another reason to schedule maintenance early.

7. Improved Safety

Poor electrical connections can cause sparks, shocks, and fires. They can also short out vital parts of your AC system. Condensation can lead to mold, while a leak can cause major damage to your AC unit and home. A thorough inspection, drain cleaning, and minor repairs can avoid safety issues and replace frustration and possible injuries or property damage with peace of mind this summer.

Call Hoover to Schedule an Annual AC Tune-Up

Are you looking forward to summer as much as we are? Start the season off with a comprehensive annual AC tune-up. Our team will inspect, clean, and adjust the system and correct any minor issues if necessary. Hoover is committed to ensuring your family’s comfort and following all local codes and regulations to ensure your AC is well cared for. To schedule AC maintenance in Clinton Township and surrounding areas, contact us online or call (586) 701-6127.

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