Avoid These DIY Electrical Repair Mistakes

Are you a die-hard do-it-yourself homeowner? That’s great, and there are many tasks that are well within the capabilities of a homeowner. You can save a lot of money by fixing things yourself, but when it comes to electrical repairs, you might be better off leaving it to the professionals. Aside from the obvious safety hazards, amateur electrical work can actually damage your home’s electrical system, causing additional expense later. Even if you’re determined to make your own repairs, here are some factors to consider.

  • There are certain electrical tasks that are far beyond the scope of the average homeowner. Wiring upgrades, for example, can have serious consequences if done incorrectly. Whether you’re in an old or new home, wiring work should always be performed by a licensed electrician. The same rule applies to electrical panel work, as well as circuit installation and updates. Even something that may seem simple, like fan installation, can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Wiring is tricky, and an incorrectly installed fan can cause problems as minor as a vibrating fan or as major as fumes being released into your home or even a fire hazard.
  • When you DIY, you miss out on an inspection. Professional electricians know what they’re doing, and they know how to inspect their work to make sure it’s done correctly. When a homeowner attempts to repair something electrical, that crucial doublecheck is missing.
  • There are steps that must be followed for permitting and insurance purposes. Your state may require a permit for electrical work, and as a homeowner, you might not know the proper procedures to follow. What’s more, you probably don’t know the proper building codes and safety procedures. In that case, your ignorance may result in large fines and penalties. Then, too, if you damage your home by attempting a DIY repair without the right licensure and permits, your homeowners insurance company can deny your claim and won’t cover your losses. Electrical contractors carry insurance to protect against any accidents that may occur.
  • Your safety is the number one reason to avoid doing electrical repairs on your own. As mentioned, incorrectly performed electrical repair can result in an electrical fire. For the one performing the electrical repair, though, there’s also the risk of electrocution. A mild shock may not be a major issue, but more serious shocks can cause grave injuries or even prove to be fatal. Sometimes, even a small error can result in tragedy. That’s why it’s always best to leave these repairs to the professionals.

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