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Chris, Tyler, and Scott have done a phenomenal job at installing the new furnace. The installation took half a day, but it took that long because they wanted to make sure that the set up was done probably and correctly which I admire most. Christ and Tyler gave me a tour of their work and walked me through the thermostat. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone.

John H. | Residential

The installers were very thorough with their explanations of my new furnace and I feel confident that I bought a good product

Candy F. | Residential

We’ve had multiple electrical issues that required addressing at my house and I finally decided to take time to research where to go. I can’t say how impressed I was/am with Hoover. They are extremely professional from my initial call to my service tech, Shane, who took time to review my needs, explained every aspect of what would be done, the products that would be used and pricing. I have them locked in and need to think of other things I need done. Great job!

Jonetta P. | Residential

First and foremost, Hoover Electric went way beyond our expectations. The service was amazing. They showed up at our house within 3 hours of ordering our new water heater through Home Depot. Anthony Cosio was very knowledgeable, kind, professional, and timely. He was clean and did a great job. He put down tarps on our hardwood floor and made sure nothing got damaged while bringing in and installing the new water heater. Anthony was great and more employees need to be like him.

Stacy J. | Residential

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