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What Would a Whole House Water Filtration System Mean for Your Family?

water filtration systemEveryone deserves clean, fresh drinking water in their home. That’s why we invest in such efficient plumbing systems and pay monthly utility bills. Without good water, we cannot clean the dishes, run the shower, or rehydrate after working in the yard. Of course, not all water is created equal. Without a proper water filtration system, you could be drinking water mixed with various contaminants and minerals from the local supply. A high-quality, whole-home filtration system can help eliminate any metallic taste and give you a cleaner, more refreshing glass of water.

Anti-Scaling Systems

Over time, the water running through your home’s plumbing system will begin to crystallize. During this process, carbon dioxide is expelled and absorbed, causing buildup in the pipes. Crystallized water is known as “hard water,” and almost 80% of homes in the country deal with it.

With an anti-scaling system from Hoover Electric Plumbing, you won’t have to worry about crystallization. Your water supply will be clean, and the plumbing system will last longer. Further benefits include less corrosion, increased energy-efficiency, and fewer clogs in the line.

Whole-Home Water Filtration

You can also go a step further than an anti-scaling system, and choose to install a whole-home water filtration system. While a faucet filtration system works well on a short-term basis, you’ll quickly notice an odd taste or mineral buildup in the water from any faucets without filters. A whole-home system will eliminate water problems throughout the entire house, not just in a single room.

We use highly-rated, efficient, and cost-effective systems. At Hoover Electric Plumbing, we know that a whole-home filtration system is the most efficient way to clean your drinking water once and for all.

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